Several locations in Putrajaya were hit by flash floods

Several locations in Putrajaya were hit by flash floods

PUTRAJAYA: Heavy rain continued for an hour this afternoon, causing flash floods in several areas in the federal government’s administrative center.

In the 3pm incident, the area in Persiaran Seri Perdana in Precinct 10, the government quarters of Precinct 11 A and the Health Clinic in Precinct 9 were flooded by about 0.3 meters of water.

Putrajaya Fire and Rescue Department Operations Division Assistant Director Mohd Afizi Zolkifli said a total of 20 members were rushed to the scene of the incident after receiving a call at 4.30pm.

He said the incident was suspected to be caused by a blocked water passage to the drain and firemen had cleared the channel.

“The water receded completely a few hours later and no victims were moved to a temporary evacuation center,” he said when contacted today.

Meanwhile, Putrajaya District Police Chief ACP A. Asmadi Abdul Aziz confirmed the incident and informed that no casualties were reported.

“The water receded completely after the fire brigade cleared the blocked drain. No vehicles were damaged as a result of the incident,” he said.

Mahathir Hasnan, 28, who lives in Precinct 11 A quarters, said the incident involved was the first time he had lived there in 2014.

“It’s true that I panicked a bit because the water rose suddenly… me and other family members decided to move electrical items upstairs.

“We also moved the car to a higher place… it was really raining heavily at that time,” he said who was found at his house tonight.

The flash flood incident also attracted the attention of candidates contesting in the Putrajaya Parliament, including Dr Noraishah Mydin Abdul Aziz (PH-PKR) who greeted the residents tonight.

Barisan Nasional Putrajaya machinery was also seen meeting residents in the affected areas.

source – BERNAMA

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