Sharing Mum’s pineapple tarts recipe with joy and love 

Sharing Mum’s pineapple tarts recipe with joy and love 

KLANG — Local Entrepreneur David Wong, Founder of Swee Bee by Baker Dave introduces tradition, culture, and local delicacy as a way to keep the heritage learned from his mother, hoping to keep it alive and passing it to the younger generation to cherish.

He started introducing these all-year-round pineapple tarts to local consumption. David was also the first baker to introduce the square pineapple tarts getting inspiration from Taiwan.

According to David, a square shape in Chinese means accumulating wealth with balance and stability.

“I decided to introduce the square pineapple tart throughout the year and add the element of prosperity by using the Chinese character Fu means Fortune.

“The interest in baking stemmed from his mother, Swee Bee when he was in primary school,” he told Asia News Today in an interview.

Making pineapple tarts started at home for Chinese New Year, gradually growing into a business entity today.

To David, Swee Bee Pineapple Tarts is more than just a pineapple tart. It is a very personal tribute to a mother, Swee Bee. Best known for her culinary skills, she created a special authentic pineapple recipe that tickled the taste buds and captured the hearts of many friends back then.

After his Secondary School, David decided to take culinary studies in 1991, and upon his graduation, he worked in the corporate world. His interest in baking since young, made him do weekend fine dining inviting close friends.

“In 2012, I opened my bakery in Hartamas. After receiving positive support and growth, I changed the bakery to café concept.

“When our business started to grow, we decided to move out the confectionery to a bigger space which is now in Klang town,” he added.

David received the recognition from Malaysia Book of Records, for being the first square pineapple tart in Malaysia.

In April 2021, they also received the Halal Certification for the pineapple tarts, carrot cakes and cookies.

With the best combination of buttery pastry and pure pineapple fruits and the right amount of other ingredients, Swee Bee Pineapple Tarts gives an authentic experience of this all-time favourite Malaysian delicacy.

David is proud to showcase his heritage to all walks of life and uses local delicacy to promote local cultures and products.

Promote Malaysia’s Truly Asia culture 

David aims to promote Malaysian culture through its pineapple tarts, inculcating educational value in their packaging by showcasing Peranakan culture, from authentic pineapple tarts, batik, kebaya history, and other related history.

Additionally, he also takes pride in educating more about Chinese Malaysian culture in their packaging, sharing short stories about the culture.

“We want the world to know that pineapple tarts are a delicacy that is close to our hearts as Malaysians.

“Pineapple tarts was introduced to Malaya by the Portuguese in the 16th Century and the Straits Chinese or Peranakan community created the pineapple tarts by combining English pastry from the Portuguese and pineapple paste recipe by Peranakan themselves.

“Since then, pineapple tarts have become a ‘must have’ delicacy during festive seasons like Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, and Christmas.

“It is the only delicacy that is shared and celebrated by all three major races – Malay, Chinese and Indians in Malaysia.

“Pineapple tarts are like a melting pot of cultures loved by all. In short, we want to take our Malaysia brand to the world. Swee Bee Pineapple Tarts. Malaysia’s Truly Asia delicacy.” David said.


New Products from Swee Bee


Carrot Walnut Cake


The incorporation of freshly grated carrots, walnuts, raisins, and brown sugar into the cake batter promises a delightful mix of flavours and textures.

The combination of these ingredients not only adds a natural sweetness but also brings a satisfying density and lightness to the cake.

Shaping it into a dome enhances its visual appeal, and the finishing touch of cream cheese, pumpkin seeds, dried apricots, and crushed walnuts turns it into a regal masterpiece.


Onde Onde Cake

The soft and delectable pandan cake serves as a perfect base, providing a light and aromatic foundation for the layers of custard and melted palm sugar.

This combination promises a harmonious blend of sweetness and creaminess, creating a truly indulgent experience for the taste buds.

The finishing touch of grated coconut adds a delightful texture and an extra layer of authenticity, making the cake resemble the beloved onde onde kuih.

The fragrance of pandan and palm sugar, with their nostalgic and comforting notes, promises to transport anyone who tastes it back to cherished moments of enjoying onde onde.


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Kawasan 17, 41300 Klang,


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