SmallRig Leads the Future of Imaging with 2024 Global Forum and Inaugural Top 10 Scene List

SmallRig Leads the Future of Imaging with 2024 Global Forum and Inaugural Top 10 Scene List

SmallRig joins Sony, vivo, RED, Sigma in discussion of evolving trends in global imaging market

SHENZHEN, China, April 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The SmallRig brand launch conference and the 2024 Global Imaging Scene Industry Forum, jointly organized by CBNData and SmallRig, were recently held in Shenzhen. The event attracted over 300 participants, including SmallRig users worldwide, top management executives from global imaging leaders, among them, Sony, Canon, RED, Sigma and vivo. During the event, SmallRig founder Zhou Yang took the stage to reveal the company’s new strategic direction and brand identity.

Renowned for its leadership in the global market of imaging accessories, SmallRig offers an extensive array of products across four primary lines: camera support and stabilization, smartphone accessories, lighting and control systems. This is further enhanced by their comprehensive solutions for live-streaming setups, with a catalogue that spans over 700 SKUs. These offerings, which cater to live-streaming, vlogs, short videos, and film production, are available in more than 160 countries and regions worldwide, putting the brand at the forefront in sales and market share.

Leveraging its UCD (User-CoDesign) and DreamRig co-creation models, SmallRig responds to the needs of users everywhere, supported by its agile C2M (Customer to Manufacturer) supply chain capable of launching an average of 1.6 new products per day through small batch, multi-category, high-frequency, and semi-custom production. The company has also established strategic, long-term partnerships with global optical imaging and smart imaging brands including Sony, Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Panasonic, RED, Seagate, vivo, DJI, and Insta360.

During the forum, Liu Dongyang, senior manager of the Imaging Solutions and Mobile Communications Marketing Department at Sony (China), delivered a keynote that detailed the evolution and innovation within the realm of imaging scenes. Liu detailed Sony’s strategic initiatives across key market hotspots—live streaming, outdoor activities, and the fashion and beauty sector. Highlighting the synergy between Sony’s imaging solutions and SmallRig’s extensive product ecosystem, Liu underscored the enhanced efficiency and convenience available to Sony camera enthusiasts.

SmallRig Unveils Groundbreaking Top 10 Imaging Scenes of 2024

Leveraging insights from its 4 million users worldwide, SmallRig, in collaboration with CBNData, identified the top 10 global imaging scenes and three keywords for 2024. The pioneering list offers a glimpse into the future directions of the imaging industry.


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