SPAN sets up war room to monitor water supply during El-Nino

SPAN sets up war room to monitor water supply during El-Nino

PUTRAJAYA: The National Water Service Commission (SPAN) has set up a “war room” to supervise and ensure the sustainability of water supply services in Peninsular Malaysia and the Federal Territory of Labuan during the El-Nino phenomenon.

The El-Nino phenomenon is predicted to occur until September but experts have warned that it could go on until October. In a statement today, SPAN said the objective of setting up the ‘war room’, among others, is to closely monitor the situation of dams and rivers that supply raw water to 354 water treatment plants.

The role of the war room is also to oversee the continuous supply of clean water to users and ensure that water supply operators take mitigation measures in the event of a water supply crisis, it said.

SPAN advised users to take the necessary precautions to be prudent in the usage of water during this hot and dry season. They are also advised to contact the water operators in their respective states if they have any questions or feedback about water supply services during El Nino at 019 – 779 5000 (phone or WhatsApp), email to wa[email protected] or at the website

Several international meteorological agencies have predicted the formation of El Nino in mid-2023 to early 2024 and many countries have taken precautions to prevent the adverse effects of the phenomenon.

The El-Nino phenomenon occurs due to changes in atmospheric pressure and ocean temperature, especially in the Pacific Ocean.


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