Stern action against 3R sentiments during state polls – Fahmi

Stern action against 3R sentiments during state polls – Fahmi

KUALA LUMPUR — Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil issued a stern warning to all parties to refrain from spreading sentiments that touch on racial, religious sensitivities and royalty during the upcoming state polls.

Legal action will be taken against those who do so, regardless of their affiliation.

“There is no perception that only individuals from certain groups will be detained and investigated.

“I need to remind and warn everyone, do not ever spread anything related to 3R. If you do so, be ready to face Malaysian law and the authorities,” he said during a media conference after attending the closing ceremony of the Cyber Security, Digital Economy and Connectivity awareness campaign at Pantai Permai Housing Project here today.

He said the country’s democracy should not be tainted by irresponsible parties with the excuse that it was their right and freedom of speech, as what happened during the 15th general election (GE15).

“There are certain parties that irresponsibly and deliberately spread 3R issues, especially during GE15. This will not happen again.

“We do not want democracy to be abused on the basis of freedom of speech for these irresponsible parties to repeat their behaviour during GE15 to spread material that will destroy the people’s harmony and values,” Fahmi said.

To curb the spread 3R related information, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has been instructed to step up monitoring efforts during the upcoming elections for Selangor, Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu, Negeri Sembilan and Penang.


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