STL: KL Thunders opens new season curtain with victory

STL: KL Thunders opens new season curtain with victory

KL Thunders started the right step in the Sepak Takraw League competition when they recorded a 2-0 victory over Bomba Fighters at the Titiwangsa Stadium, just now.

Down with a reputation as the 2020 double champion, the KL Thunder, managed to grab the first title offered in the STL competition.

The first action, which is also a Sumbangsih action, was used as best as possible by the main KL trio led by Syahir Rosdi, Azlan Alias ​​and Amirul Zazwan Amir.

Not requiring time to adjust, the momentum turned in KL’s favor when they managed to ensure point after point was earned before winning the first set 21-7.

Bomba Fighters improved the pace of the game in the second set, trying to follow the rhythm of the match, but the experience became divisive as KL Thunder continued to excel to ensure a 21-14 victory and end the competition to win the Contribution Cup for the 2022 season.

In addition to receiving the Contribution Cup, tonight’s winner will also receive a winning prize of RM5,000.

“In the first set, we were still looking for the same rhythm as the match but made fewer mistakes,” said Amir.

“But the second set saw there were some mistakes made allowing opponents to collect points before securing victory.

When labeled as a giant team, Amir said, “We feel every team has almost the same quality. All teams have the desire to be champions and the best preparation will ensure the team to the top later.”

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