Sungai Batu Malim’s 17.1km clean project broke Malaysia’s record

Sungai Batu Malim’s 17.1km clean project broke Malaysia’s record

RAUB: The 17.1 kilometer long Batu Malim River cleaning project successfully broke the ‘Malaysia Book of Records’ record in addition to being able to clean and collect garbage while rafting in the river weighing 841 kilograms.

The president of the Gibbon Conservation Society, Mariam Ramli said, this program is to empower the community’s awareness to take care of the environment and the river as a very important resource for humans and other living things.

“Residents living on the banks of the river need to raise awareness of how important the river is to human life and be reminded not to arbitrarily throw garbage into the river that can pollute the water and the environment.

“In addition, the need for clean water from a clean river source is indeed expected and can be used as an attraction for tourists to have fun in the clean and comfortable river area,” he said in Batu Malim.

He said, the first time was last June which was the world environment program and while the world river day was the second time organized in Batu Malim, here.

A rafting participant, Muhammad Sharizal Arman Shah, 36 years old, said that this program of loving our river, in addition to having fun with rafting, which is also joined by foreigners and Orang Asli residents in this area, can appreciate the environment as long as they are rafting.

“While we were rafting for about 18km starting at Kampung Ulu Sungai, we also found a lot of rubbish such as bad tyres, old plastic chairs, disposable nappies, old plastic baskets and so on.
“Indeed, people who live by the river should not practice this bad attitude because the river is very important to humans and the environment.

An Australian, Paul Martin, 60 years old, said that he was very interested in rafting using bamboo which took almost 7 hours with the water being clear and clean.

“Unfortunately, during our rafting, garbage such as bad tires, old plastic chairs and so on are thrown into the river, this is detrimental because it worsens the scenery,” he said. The Jamil Group won the first prize for successfully collecting 104kg of trash along the raft, the second place was the Hafiz Group for collecting 100kg of trash and the third place was the IPD Raub Group for collecting 83.4kg of trash.

The Regent of Pahang, Tengku Hassanal Ibrahim Alam Shah Sultan Abdullah Riayatuddin Al Mustafa Billah Shah also agreed to attend the program.

source – Amir Hamzah Nordin

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