Supply is difficult, retailers in Terengganu have to ration eggs

Supply is difficult, retailers in Terengganu have to ration eggs

KUALA TERENGGANU: The owner of a grocery store admitted that the supply of eggs has been difficult to obtain lately, causing them to ‘ration’ eggs to sell to customers.

Norhayati Abu Bakar, 53, said it was to ensure that the stock of eggs obtained could be sold to all customers, including those who bought eggs in small quantities.

“I take eggs from the supplier once a week. The quantity is not much in 45 boards which is 15 boards for each grade A, B and C eggs.

“For customers who buy eggs for business, for example at a restaurant, I limit the purchase to three boards because I’m worried that other customers won’t be able to,” she said.

According to Norhayati, recently the supply of eggs in his shop was cut off and the new stock arrived on Thursday.

“Now it’s hard to get eggs. Many places are also looking to make sure there is always a supply of eggs.

“Before, there was no egg stock in my store for up to two weeks. Many customers were looking for eggs, unfortunately the stock did not arrive.

“The eggs I order are not only from one supplier, I also order from many places. If there is a supply, the eggs will arrive. If there is no supply, it will be difficult,” she said.

Norhayati said that the eggs sold by his shop are according to the market price which is RM13.60 (grade A), RM12.30 (grade B) and RM11.60 (grade C).

“Right now the price of eggs is uncertain. There are ups and downs of 20 cents. Even egg containers (nests) are charged by the supplier which is 30 cents for each board,” he said, who opened a grocery store four years ago.

source – Sinar Harian

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