Synergy Labs, the official ICP Hub of Malaysia launched to empower Malaysian tech startup

Synergy Labs, the official ICP Hub of Malaysia launched to empower Malaysian tech startup

KUALA LUMPUR – Synergy Labs will take a driving seat role as the official Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) Hub of Malaysia to support the growth and development of Malaysia-based tech startups in the field of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Synergy Labs is led by technology community leaders Shas Fung, Roslan Wahab, Iana Pugahova, and other experienced technocrats, forming a formidable team driving the adoption of the Internet Computer Blockchain, vibrant Web3 and AI ecosystem development.

The formation of the ICP Hub of Malaysia is an initiative inspired by ICP Asia Alliance, and is timely represented and implemented by Synergy Labs’ experienced team to empower these growing technology initiatives.

The ICP Asia Alliance was launched at the end of September 2023, by a Swiss-based not-for-profit research and development organisation in blockchain

Synergy Labs in its ultimate objective will bring together a diverse range of stakeholders, including government organisations, investors, tech entrepreneurs, universities, developers and community members to develop Web3 and AI technologies.

By establishing a platform for networking, education, and innovation, Synergy Labs aims to empower individuals, businesses, and communities to harness the transformative power of Web3 and AI technologies.

Shas Fung, the lead for Synergy Labs in Malaysia


“ICP Hub of Malaysia under the purview of Synergy Labs is committed to the growth of the blockchain industry in Malaysia. With this USD 20 million grant initiative under the ICP Asia Alliance, builders from the Malaysian ecosystem can move forward more efficiently.

“Not limited to financial support, we are also looking to further expand the community by providing education through boot camps, hackathons and more.”

“We are committed to building the builders ecosystem in Malaysia not just in grant initiatives but through exchange of knowledge, bridging connections and providing the right support for aspiring new builders.”
“The journey as a builder is not of the builders alone but is made whole through the supporting partners and environment.” Shas Fung, the lead for Synergy Labs in Malaysia said during the launch on Friday (October 27).

This far-reaching initiative to bolster technology development in Malaysia will help to fortify the developer’s ecosystem by working together with the Malaysia Digital Economy Council (MDEC), 42KL, and many other strategic partners.


Grant Offerings

Through the USD 20 million grant fund initiative kickstarted in September by ICP Asia Alliance, Synergy Labs the official ICP Hub of Malaysia is now leveraging the opportunity, offering and promoting the two types of grants, namely Community and Developer grants that will benefit Malaysian technology development.

The Community grant is ideal to utilize for events, ideathons, hackathons, content creation, and influencers. Under the community grants, the applicants can choose between USD 5,000, USD 15,000 and USD 25,000.

Meanwhile, to support developers and internet computer development, a developer grant is available. In the developer grant, the applicant can choose between USD 5,000, USD 25,000, and USD 100,000.

In recent years there has been a growing trend of web3 and blockchain companies relocating or expanding their operations to Asia, establishing the region as a global hub for web3 and blockchain innovation.

Synergy Labs plays a major role in building a thriving ICP community by actively promoting awareness and adoption, encompassing education, strategic partnerships, and project acceleration.

Synergy Labs will work closely with other Alliance members around Asia to develop ICP solutions in key regions and is also committed to inclusivity and support for projects, uniting community members, developers, entrepreneurs, and educational institutions.

Synergy Labs is inviting all Tech start-ups, and FinTech startups to grab the grant opportunity.

To learn more about the grant opportunities, interested developers can log on to to find out the criteria based on the type of grant that they are applying for.


About Synergy Labs

The ICP Hub of Malaysia is officially led by Synergy Labs with vast experience in the field of technology development.

At SynergyLabs, they are committed to driving the growth and enhancement of a vibrant and sustainable blockchain ecosystem in Thailand and Malaysia.

Through the remarkable capabilities of the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP), they aim to be a pivotal force in this transformative journey.

Our emphasis on professional growth and project support positions our members at the forefront of ICP innovation.

They help startups with incubation, acceleration and education communities.


Other event photos

(From Left) Shas Fung, Danesh from MDEC, Thila from 42 KL and Jason Chew from Kopidao


(From Left) – Noelle Lee of Lydian Labs, John from Acxyn, John Kiew of Certik and Arthur Tan of TPay


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