The Future of MEMS Directional Microphones Goes Digital: Soundskrit Announces the SKR0410

The Future of MEMS Directional Microphones Goes Digital: Soundskrit Announces the SKR0410

The Soundskrit digital microphone provides directional audio and easily integrates into a wide range of connected consumer devices including laptops, webcams, AR/VR, headsets, earbuds, smart home devices, vehicles, and more.

MONTREAL, June 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – Soundskrit, the audio company revolutionizing the capabilities of MEMS microphones, today announced the availability of its second product, the SKR0410, the world’s first digital directional MEMS microphone. The SKR0410 brings the latest innovations in MEMS and acoustic transducer design to the digital domain to enable directional audio capture in consumer devices of all form factors. This performant microphone furthers Soundskrit’s mission to bring new audio-based experiences to consumer electronics.

Soundskrit, which first announced the release of its unique technology in August of last year, is now expanding its portfolio of directional microphone solutions with the SKR0410. As the first directional microphone on the market with a PDM output, it becomes easier than ever to interface with existing audio chipsets and drive the next generation of laptops, tablets, conferencing devices, AR/VR, headsets, earbuds, smart home devices, and vehicles.

Making audio easy.
As OEMs find themselves using an increasing number of audio chipsets requiring digital inputs, it is important they have premier microphone solutions that easily interface with their products. The PDM output of the SKR0410 allows OEMs to directly connect directional microphones into their existing systems, without the need for external audio codecs.

For consumers who connect remotely now more than ever, it is important to have a microphone that allows them to come across at their best. They need a solution they can trust to accurately relay their voice while ignoring disruptive background noise and echo. Conferencing solutions need to allow people to move around freely several meters away from the microphone with uncompromising quality. Vehicles must enable hands-free calling for drivers without being overpowered by road noise.

Soundskrit’s directional microphones raise the standard for voice communication, but it does not end there. People from different parts of the world can speak with one another as their AR glasses and earbuds facilitate translation between languages in real-time. A new wave of over-the-counter hearing aids can provide seamless hearing assistance to allow those with impairments to better navigate crowded spaces. The SKR0410 was designed to not just bring ease to the hardware, but also to the experiences they enable.

“We see more and more that OEMs are requesting digital microphones since they interface more easily with existing chipsets,” said Sahil Gupta, Product Lead and co-founder of Soundskrit. “The SKR0410 was developed to respond to this request while also bringing meaningful user experiences to the end consumer. This PDM microphone is just the first step into a variety of products and development tools we have planned to help our customers easily access the power of our technology.”

The future of audio is directional.
High-quality, directional audio can now be a reality for any consumer electronics device. Rather than using large arrays of nondirectional microphones to try and get directionality, Soundskrit is building directionality into the microphone hardware itself, improving voice isolation while simultaneously reducing the number of microphones, power, and computation needed. Directional audio capture brings the quality of the future. The SKR0410 will provide clear and precise audio for any device – no matter what specifications, Soundskrit has the solution.

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About Soundskrit
Soundskrit, the audio technology company whose cutting-edge hardware and software are setting the pace for consumer audio experiences in the future. Their mission is to bring the next generation of high-performance audio-enabled experiences to consumer devices. No more interrupted calls, terrible voice processing, or noise cancellation that lets every surrounding sound in – Soundskrit is evolving the human listening experience so consumers can hear the impossible.

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