The ‘iCub’ robot is exactly Iron Man created for emergency assistance

The ‘iCub’ robot is exactly Iron Man created for emergency assistance

IMAGINE the superhero or superhero characters we see on the silver screen and read in the pages of comics come true.

That’s what a group of scientists are trying to produce at a state -of -the -art technology development facility in Italy.

They are currently developing robots that are designed to provide assistance in the event of a natural disaster.

The humanoid robot dubbed the iCub is the creation of a group of scientists from Italy at Tecnologia that was originally inspired by the superhero character , Iron Man.

More interestingly this sophisticated robot uses a backpack propulsion flight system as well as a system in the palm of its hand for power control as well as directional navigation.

The team of scientists has now worked tirelessly to conduct research for 15 years in the hope of making it a reality in various security and defense sectors.

They also expect the size of the robot as well as its acceleration speed ability to provide assistance to locations that are difficult to enter by humans or drones.

With a height of about 104 cm the size of the iCub is equivalent to a 10-year-old child. In addition, iCub is also capable of receiving instructions to crawl, crawl and handle various types of objects.

His hands have been created to provide support for the manipulation of various types of movements as well as skills.

Using Open Source coding , iCub is also expected to operate globally with the various support of the technology developer community.

To date, a total of 40 iCub robots have been produced and are available in several research laboratories around the world such as in Europe, the United States, Korea, Singapore, China and Japan.

Possessing a sensitive ‘skin’ layer, this robot is also able to interact with physical touch especially when there is a change in the environment.

This technology is seen to be able to provide faster emergency assistance support in the event of a natural disaster.

According to them, every year about 300 natural disasters occur and have claimed about 90,000 lives and affected more than 160 million people.

The iCub robot is also equipped with a battery pack and two cameras and two microphones making it one of the best robots ever produced with complete specifications.

credit: Italian Institute of Technogia


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