The Sports Commissioner needs to give feedback on the PAFA crisis

The Sports Commissioner needs to give feedback on the PAFA crisis

IPOH: The Sports Commissioner (PJS) needs to give an immediate response on the official complaint notice sent by members of the Perak Football Association (PAFA) on Dec 9 to resolve the crisis in the state’s football governing body.

PAFA President Datuk Mohd Azhar Jamaluddin said this was because it could resolve all the confusion that existed and at the same time provide confirmation on who has the right to lead PAFA.

“The urge to get immediate feedback from the PJS is due to our deep love and affection for PAFA and Perak football in particular. We do not want the current issues to be the cause of the destruction of Perak football.

“We are also concerned if the delay in response is due to pressure from certain parties, but we are confident that PJS is a government body with a very high level of credibility and integrity,” he said in a statement today.

On Dec 24, Sports Commissioner Ibrahim Mohd Yusof in a media report informed that his party did not make any statement in verifying or recognizing any party in leading PAFA.

In fact, PJS in the statement informed that they have not yet received any report on the Extraordinary Congress (EGM) of 14 PAFA coalition members on Dec 19.

Commenting further, Mohd Azhar said his party also sent an application for a Prohibition Order against PAFA to PJS on Dec 27 to ensure that no party is given permission to make any decision or action on PAFA until the investigation process is completed and PJS’s decision on the legal party to lead PAFA. accepted.

Apart from that, he said the action of 14 out of 18 PAFA Affiliate Members to hold the PAFA Extraordinary Congress was aimed at avoiding the risk of abuse of power and so on, including avoiding the interference of irresponsible parties.

He said his party also did not want what was happening now to put PAFA in a more risky situation, resulting in the parent body being subjected to more drastic action such as suspension or cancellation of the organization.

“We just want to bring PAFA back in the right direction and together with the members of the coalition to implement football programs and activities as outlined by the PAFA Constitution,” he said.


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