These 7 child behaviors learn from parental behaviors but many do not notice

These 7 child behaviors learn from parental behaviors but many do not notice

USUALLY a child’s behavior is based on what is seen through his own parents. Parents are people who are observed on a daily basis by children.

Not only pay attention but also imitate parental behavior. Especially if there is a child who is 3 years old and above, who is already good at observing and imitating behavior.

Not only behavior, but language and speech are also imitated. Scary on second thought. Sometimes we ourselves cannot control the words that come out of our mouths.

So every decision we make, every word we speak, every action we take is all under observation. By whom? Our own son.

Our children learn from us. Whether positive or negative everything is imitated. Nurul Aziyana has shared useful information for our reminder as parents.

The seven traits a child will learn or imitate from a parent are:

1. How do fathers treat mothers
If the father is the type who is ‘loving’, ‘caring’, ‘supportive’, treats the mother with respect and dignity, the children will do the same thing to his wife later.
But otherwise, it is not impossible that he will do the same to his wife. When he is taught violence, it is not impossible that he will also be violent.

2. How parents manage money
If we are the extravagant type, we like shopping, God willing, children also like extravagance. But if we teach them to save money since childhood and manage money wisely, until they grow up, they will be good at managing expenses.

3. How parents treat others
If we like to belittle people and scold with harsh language, it is not impossible that children will behave the same when they grow up. Especially when in the car and we are stuck in a jam, then people scold because the car is too slow.
Watch out! Children will hear what comes out of our mouths. It’s the same when we scold people in restaurants because of slow service.

4. How can parents show respect to older people
If we are rude to older and aged people or constantly throw harsh words, our children will also grow up with a lack of respect for older people including ourselves as their mothers and fathers.

5. Honesty of mother and father
Children will know if we cheat. They know if we say another but do another. Talk is not the same as make.
If you always say the wrong thing, over time the children will also start cheating because they are used to dishonest behavior.

6. The measure of discipline in living life
If we eat a lot, always waste, children will also get used to such a situation.
They will not appreciate the little. Gradually the feeling of greed may also be nested in their lives.
.However, if we choose to live a disciplined life, our children will make better (and healthier) choices with their lives.

7. Generous nature
If we are always involved in charity work, giving alms, these good deeds will also be followed by the children.

What’s more, if we also involve the children in this matter, for example, the proceeds from the collection of their savings, we distribute for charity.

In conclusion, home is a child’s first school. In fact, all our personalities are born from the upbringing and upbringing of mother and father.


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