TikTok’s Compliance with Malaysian Laws is Unsatisfactory – Fahmi

TikTok’s Compliance with Malaysian Laws is Unsatisfactory – Fahmi

KUALA LUMPUR: The compliance of TikTok’s operations with Malaysian laws remains unsatisfactory and must be rectified promptly, said Minister of Communications and Digital, Fahmi Fadzil. He made this assertion during a meeting with TikTok’s top management, led by TikTok’s Global Vice President, Helena Lersch, yesterday.

Fahmi stated that, in addition to operating in accordance with Malaysian guidelines and laws, TikTok must be more proactive in curbing the spread of fake news and defamatory content on the platform, including content with Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior (CIB). “TikTok acknowledges their shortcomings in response, citing the absence of a representative in Malaysia at this time,” he noted in his Facebook post today.

Fahmi mentioned that the purpose of the meeting was to seek explanations regarding several issues arising from the increased spread of fake news on the social media platform, as well as the operations of TikTok Shop in Malaysia. At the same time, Fahmi urged TikTok to find solutions to issues related to ad purchases and content distribution on the platform.

He emphasized the government’s seriousness in this matter, citing complaints from businesses, the public, and media agencies deeply affected by advertising placed directly through this social media platform. “TikTok has given assurances that they will enhance their cooperation with the Malaysian government. In this regard, they have committed to scheduling further meetings promptly to address these issues,” he added.

Last Saturday, Fahmi reportedly stated that his ministry would call on the operators of the TikTok application to provide explanations regarding several issues related to advertising and content on the platform.

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