TNB: Leading Malaysia’s Transition to Sustainable Energy Future

TNB: Leading Malaysia’s Transition to Sustainable Energy Future

By : Mahadi Mahbol

Kuala Lumpur – Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) continues to uphold its role as a leading pioneer in spearheading the Energy Transition Policy that will meet future energy needs. With steadfast determination, TNB is now promoting development that supports the transition of energy towards a more sustainable and efficient direction. One significant step taken by TNB is through the development of Renewable Energy (RE) projects primarily distributed through Large-Scale Solar (LSS) Projects. This project positively impacts energy transition by providing electricity supply sourced from renewable and sustainable energy sources.

TNB is actively distributing Renewable Energy (RE) through various sources, including hydroelectric power stations and floating solar panels. This initiative demonstrates TNB’s commitment to diversifying energy sources to enhance the sustainability of the country’s energy industry. Furthermore, TNB will also demonstrate interest in massive investments in green technologies such as hydrogen and ammonia co-firing technology and carbon capture storage (CSS).

This step aims to reduce negative impacts on the environment while generating cleaner and more sustainable energy. Integrating the production of Renewable Energy (RE) is TNB’s main focus in addressing energy transition. By integrating various sources of energy in an integrated manner, TNB strives to improve efficiency and effectiveness in energy production.

Feasibility studies are continuously conducted to ensure the effectiveness of decarbonizing coal-fired power plants initiatives and to develop the Renewable Energy (RE) generation market in the Asia-Pacific region (APAC) and related asset development. This step is crucial to ensuring the country’s long-term economic growth.

TNB has already accelerated the ASEAN Powergrid by signing various MOUs and feasibility studies. This step is crucial in enhancing regional cooperation in the energy sector. Additionally, TNB is developing an energy transition network that includes providing flexible energy solutions through Grid-Scale Storage and Community Storage. This step is taken to improve energy distribution efficiency and support the growth of the electrification and electric mobility sectors in the country.

Through initiatives such as strengthening Smart Grid Distribution, DER integration, and Self-healing Grid, solutions will be provided for Intermittent Power generated through renewable energy sources.
TNB also focuses on renewable energy solutions through projects and developments, including facilitating electric mobility through grid improvements and EV charging station construction. Additionally, TNB also provides energy management solutions for prosumers such as Solar Rooftop through the Energy Efficiency Initiative (EEI).

By supporting industrial electrification scale in the future, TNB will also strengthen the development of Data Centers which will become a new source of national income.
TNB also strives to become a key player in supporting a hydrogen-based economy. This step demonstrates TNB’s commitment to leading the transition of energy towards a more sustainable and efficient future for the country.

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