Tourism Shizuoka Japan Highlights Local Delicacies and Experiences to be enjoyed this Winter

Tourism Shizuoka Japan Highlights Local Delicacies and Experiences to be enjoyed this Winter

Located one hour away by bullet train from Tokyo, the prefecture of Shizuoka boasts an array of seasonal delicacies during the autumn and winter months. Below Tourism Shizuoka Japan highlights some hands-on foodie experiences that can be enjoyed over this period, including kiwi and mandarin picking and oyster farming.
A boost of vitamin C

The mandarin picking experience by Suzuki Farm is an ideal way for travellers to infuse their autumn days with a healthy dose of vitamin C, just as the temperatures start to cool down. The experience is available until the end of November and begins with a demonstration by the farmers on how to pick and distinguish different types of mandarin. After the demonstration, visitors are free to pluck mandarins at their own pace. Starting from JPY 1,100 (approx. £6) per person, this experience offers not only a hands-on adventure but also the chance for visitors to enjoy as many mandarins as they desire.

All-you-can-eat kiwi fruit

Located in Kakegawa, Kiwi Fruits Country Japan beckons visitors with its status as the country’s largest kiwi fruit farm, cultivating 80 different varieties. The facilities are open year-round and offer an unlimited kiwi fruit feast from JPY 1,500 (approx. £8) per person. The harvest season at the farm is from October until mid-January and during this period, visitors can also enjoy kiwi fruit picking at an additional cost. The facilities also boast a green tea farm and tranquil forest, the perfect setting for a leisurely post-feast stroll.

Oyster galore

Surrounded by beautiful scenery and a popular destination for visitors, Lake Hamana is Japan’s second largest brackish lake, meaning its waters are a mix of salt water from the Pacific Ocean and freshwater that flows down from the Japanese Southern Alps. The Oyster Farm Experience is available from mid-February to March and offers participants the opportunity to sample Lake Hamana’s native oysters, which are mineral-rich, larger in size and an exclusive treat only found in this region. The experience starts from JPY 32,000 (approx. £176) per person inclusive of an overnight stay at a waterfront inn, an oyster farm tour departing from the inn’s private dock, oyster tasting and two meals. For those seeking further thrills, popular activities around the lake include an array of marine sports and cycling (there is a 67-kilometre cycle path along the lake) and adrenaline-pumping activities such as wakeboarding, parasailing and windsurfing.


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