Tourist Trolley Emerges in Minneapolis to Combat Lagging Tourism

Tourist Trolley Emerges in Minneapolis to Combat Lagging Tourism

Minneapolis is the 4th worst city in post-pandemic recovery. Can the new Minneapolis Trolley Tours help rebrand a struggling Minneapolis as a “safe place with fun things to do?”
Years after the pandemic and social unrest, and currently beset by high crime, Minneapolis is struggling:

Still 13.8% off pre-pandemic airline traffic into MSP
41% off pre-pandemic foot traffic Downtown, worse than almost any other city
bottom percentile on almost all major growth indicators, both City and State
Out of the vacuum a new tourist trolley is reshaping perceptions downtown. “[Minneapolis Trolley Tours] is the best thing for downtown since they built US Bank Stadium,” said Sam Turner, owner of Nicollet Diner a new restaurant and entertainment complex in Minneapolis.

How is that?

Minneapolis Trolley Tours:

First ever regular route tourist trolley company in Minneapolis
Only regional trolley company open year-round
Has extensive collaboration with hospitality, breweries, restaurants, and wineries
Wide array of trolley tours highlighting attractions and things to do in Minneapolis
Entertaining city tours like Ghost Tours and True Crimes Tours,
Informative tours like Scenic Tours, Historical Tours and Architectural Tours.
Experiential Tours to breweries, wineries, restaurants and distilleries
Loop routes for Hop-On Hop-Off trolley tours
“It is a game changer and has completely revitalized our Bed and Breakfast business,” says Norman Kulba proprietor of 300 Clifton B&B. The owners of Minneapolis Trolley Tours are hospitality veterans and know first hand how Minneapolis has struggled with safety and the perception of safety. The new trolley is now a welcoming and reassuring symbol in downtown neighborhoods.

Beyond optics, in the past six months since its inception, Minneapolis Trolley Tours drew thousands of visitors into Minneapolis. The Candlelight Ghost Tour is the most popular and has already grown a cult following. Ghost aficionados have come from around the country specifically to experience the acclaimed ghost tour.

Minneapolis impacts the broader state and region. A vibrant and flourishing Minneapolis is the gateway for tourists into the rest of the state, and sets the tone for the Midwest. Minneapolis Trolley Tours is quickly reshaping perceptions of the city

Industry professionals: Get a complimentary tour ticket and learn how the trolley can help rebrand Minneapolis. Contact [email protected]
Travelers: Hop on board and discover the magic of Minneapolis (and maybe meet a few friendly ghosts)!


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