Transforming Outdoor Preparedness: GOES Health Launches PrecisionAlert

Transforming Outdoor Preparedness: GOES Health Launches PrecisionAlert

Redefining outdoor safety with precision forecasts, location-based health risk alerts, and an enriched wilderness medicine library

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — GOES Health, the award-winning outdoor health app, unveils its PrecisionAlert Update today, empowering outdoor enthusiasts with vital information. The update includes precise hourly weather forecasting, location-based outdoor health risks with real-time alerts, plus the addition of natural disaster and winter topics to GOES’ robust wilderness medicine library. With its intuitive interface, GOES makes understanding location-focused risks and enabling outdoor health forecasting easier than ever, giving users a convenient and reliable platform for everyday use.

Whether confronting an extreme heat advisory, a sudden temperature drop alert about potential frostbite conditions, or a warning about a nearby natural disaster like a wildfire or flash flood, GOES users receive actionable insights on how to prepare and make informed outdoor health decisions, based on decades of wilderness medical knowledge. This enables a safer and more enjoyable outdoor experience, prioritizing preparedness, providing peace of mind that only the GOES app can deliver.

The PrecisionAlert update includes:

Precision weather forecasting: GOES provides hourly weather info for a searchable location, enabling environmental awareness for a safer journey. Explore anywhere in the U.S., up to 4 days in advance.

Location-based outdoor health risks content and outdoor health alerts: Understand outdoor health risks specific to a location, environment, activity and terrain, and receive real-time alerts on potential risks and natural disasters.

Enriched wilderness medicine library now with natural disaster and winter protocols: GOES simplifies learning about earthquakes, wildfire smoke, and floods. Expanding its already robust wilderness medicine library with hypothermia, frostbite, bears, lightning, and allergic reaction topics, helping people prepare for changing seasons – even when off-line.

Camilo Barcenas, CEO and co-founder, emphasized, “In a world where the human desire to venture outdoors meets extreme weather, the necessity for an offline, intuitive and empowering outdoor health guide is critical. The PrecisionAlert Update is a monumental stride in delivering personalized outdoor health information. We foster self-sufficiency and empower our users to navigate the unpredictable with a sense of assurance and readiness.”

GOES Health Subscription Options:
GOES Health continues its commitment to cater to the diversified needs of the outdoor community. The free version of GOES grants users access to precision weather forecasting, current outdoor health risks and a selection of care protocols to start their outdoor adventures well informed. Full access to GOES at $5.99/month or $45.99 for a full year unlocks the Wilderness Medicine Library and self guided care protocols, available even without cell service.


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