Turkiye earthquake: Baby born under rubble named Aya

Turkiye earthquake: Baby born under rubble named Aya

AFRIN: A baby who was found under the rubble due to the earthquake in Syria, with the umbilical cord still attached to her deceased mother, has been named Aya.

Aya, who was born in unusual circumstances in the city of Jindires, northwestern Syria, will grow up as an orphan, Anadolu Agency reported .

The baby was born on Monday morning when his mother was trapped under the rubble after the first earthquake struck.

The baby was rescued after a five-hour search and rescue mission by Syrian Civil Defense forces.
There are injuries on the baby’s body.

The staff at the Ceyhan hospital named her Aya and confirmed that the baby is now in good health.

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The baby also lost three siblings in the disaster.

In Syria, more than 3,100 people have died, according to figures compiled by the Syrian Ministry of Health and the Syrian White Helmets civil defense.

The strong earthquake centered in the south of Turkey also affected the neighboring country of Syria.


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