Tuya Smart Announces Partnership with AiTAN to co-create innovative smart solutions

Tuya Smart Announces Partnership with AiTAN to co-create innovative smart solutions

NEW YORKJan. 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391), a global IoT developer service provider, today announced a partnership with AiTAN, a leading smart solutions provider in Thailand, which aims to co-create innovative smart solutions for the AiTAN brand across diverse sectors, including homes, real estate, hotels, rentals, commercial lighting, and office spaces, offering an enhanced smart experience for customers and end-users in Southeast Asia. The partnership was unveiled during the launch event for the AiTAN brand.

Smart Industry Prospects in Southeast Asia and AiTAN’s Commitment to Intelligent Transformation

The “Thailand 4.0″ policy, launched by the Thai government in recent years, aims to elevate industries through innovation and advanced technology, fostering the evolution and competitiveness of Thai industries within the Southeast Asian market.

Aligned with this policy, Thailand’s smart industry is experiencing rapid growth. Projections by Chinese Social Sciences Today suggest that Thailand’s digital economy will reach $57 billion by 2025, constituting approximately 30% of the country’s GDP. Concurrently, Thailand’s smart business initiatives are extending across the entire Southeast Asian market, with enterprises increasingly seeking intelligent transformation to achieve cost-effectiveness and efficiency through smart technologies, thus enhancing market competitiveness.

As a leading smart solutions provider in Thailand, AiTAN’s diverse portfolio spans smart communities, hotels, lighting, and energy solutions. Committed to optimizing efficiency across various industries, AiTAN recognizes the vast potential of the smart industry. Leveraging Tuya’s robust technical capabilities and extensive experience in smart technology, AiTAN has chosen to collaborate with Tuya, aiming to establish a new business paradigm in Southeast Asia’s smart industry.

Tuya Enables AiTAN to Lead in the Smart Industry

The collaboration focuses on homes and real estate as the entry point, extending into areas such as hotels, residential, commercial lighting, energy, and office spaces. Leveraging Tuya’s software and hardware solutions and AiTAN’s robust research and development capabilities, both parties aim to establish a professional, comprehensive, and competitive smart commercial brand in the industry.

At the hardware level, Tuya will provide AiTAN with efficient and cost-effective services to expand their brand’s core product portfolios. This will ensure brand coherence and guarantee the quality and stability of core hardware products, effectively addressing the challenge of smart hardware product upgrades.

On the software front, Tuya Smart Commercial will deliver industry-level SaaS, including Smart House & Real Estate, Smart Hospitality, Smart Residential, and Smart Commercial Lighting & Office. This will drive the evolution of AiTAN’s customer management model and service modes, enhancing customer service capabilities and significantly boosting work efficiency. Additionally, Tuya Smart Commercial’s App SDK development services will assist AiTAN in creating its own branded app, offering effective operation and maintenance tools, such as remote device diagnostics, restarts, and firmware upgrades. This will contribute to the creation of a high-quality after-sales service experience for end-users and significantly reduce operation and maintenance costs.

As part of this collaboration, AiTAN has set ambitious goals for 2024, aiming to deploy at least 10,000 devices and secure a minimum of 100 reserved projects. Furthermore, AiTAN plans to inaugurate a 1,600-square-meter AiTAN Solution Center in Bangkok in September, showcasing joint solutions created by AiTAN and Tuya, and reinforcing its brand presence.

“We have been eagerly awaiting an opportunity to expand our original smart home business into broader industry-level smart solutions. With Tuya’s support, we have swiftly completed the upgrade and possess the capability to provide more commercial scenario solutions. Leveraging Open API and SmartHome App ADK, we are accelerating the development of the AiTAN Smart application, offering local users digital services such as Line application’s notifications and security centers, tailored to meet local needs. This continuously enhances the intelligent and digital living experience for residents. I am confident that our breakthroughs in various fields will garner positive feedback for AiTAN, and we look forward to future collaborations with Tuya,” said Ranis Dhamasiri, CEO of AiTAN.

Haiping Ying, General Manager of Tuya Smart Commercial, said, “We are honored to collaborate with AiTAN. Through this partnership, AiTAN has introduced our innovative solutions to the Southeast Asian market, expanding global market channels for smart businesses. Moving forward, we remain committed to the smart technology field, delivering new solutions with more localized attributes to overseas developers and enabling them to realize their development strategy for their smart solution brands.”

In an era where smart technology is integral to all industries, the collaboration between AiTAN and Tuya signifies an opportunity to intensify exploration, research and development of innovative technologies. The collaboration aims to continuously create numerous solutions catering to developer needs, fostering a beautiful future that seamlessly incorporates intelligence.

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