Two Bajau Laut individuals test positive for COVID-19

Two Bajau Laut individuals test positive for COVID-19

LAHAD DATU, Sept 18 — Police have confirmed that two individuals from the Pala’u community or the seafaring Bajau Laut in the district tested positive for COVID-19.

Lahad Datu district police chief ACP Nasri Mansor said one was confirmed positive several days ago while the other, today.

Nasri advised the public to keep their distance from the community and stop giving them donations to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 infection.

“The police will also take action to stop them from coming to town to beg for donations,” he told Bernama today.

For the record, Lahad Datu reported 12 new positive cases today.

The Pala’u community is often seen begging in town areas around traffic lights, banks and business premises.

Meanwhile, Nasri denied that Lahad Datu was under lockdown (movement restriction) as being viralled on social media, instead restrictions only involved recreational activities in public places.

He said four roadblocks were also mounted with closure of three roads to control movements into the city to curb spread of COVID-19.




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