Two new reports rank Malaysia tops with Chinese buyers, Western Expats

Two new reports rank Malaysia tops with Chinese buyers, Western Expats

Kuala Lumpur — Two new reports reveal that Malaysia is more desirable than ever with expats and investors worldwide. In a report from property giant Juwai IQI, Chinese homebuyers moved Malaysia from their seventh to sixth most popular destination.

At the same time, a survey with 12,000 respondents from InterNations found that Western expats rank Malaysia as the fourth best place in the world.

Juwai IQI Co-Founder and Group CEO Kashif Ansari said, “Malaysia has rebounded from Covid as a more dynamic and positive place. People from other parts of the world see that life here is special and want to visit, spend money and invest.

Chinese Buyers Make Malaysia 6th Top Destination

Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries make up four of the 10 top countries that receive the most Chinese property investment, according to a new report based on the number of buyer enquiries received through Juwai IQI’s platform.


“Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Singapore are all in the top 10.

“The traditional, wealthy Anglo countries that are popular destinations for international students still rank highest with Chinese homebuyers. Australia is first, Canada second, the U.K. third and the U.S. fourth with Chinese buyers.

“The only non-Anglo, non-Southeast Asian destinations in the top 10 are Japan and the United Arab Emirates.

“While Malaysia was moving up the ranks, two countries fell down them. The U.S. has fallen from its long-time position in the first or second spot to just fourth place. The other significant change this year involves Thailand. Due to its lifestyle, proximity and low prices, Thailand was the most popular country in the world for Chinese buyers through 2021. This year, Thailand is only fifth, just ahead of Malaysia.

“Malaysia ranks well because of its quality of life, affordable living, and digital connectivity. Malaysia is a multi-lingual country, so visitors from all over the world can feel comfortable here.

“When it comes to Chinese buyers, they have amassed unprecedented savings that can be used for overseas property purchasing. According to official statistics, in the first nine months of 2022 alone, Chinese savings deposits soared in value by RMB 26.3 trillion (US$3.6 trillion).

“Just this week, the Financial Times reported that China’s gross national savings rate of about 45% is more than twice as high as the rates of most similar large economies.

After three years of closed borders, Chinese are making the most of their opportunities to move overseas. By 2025, 712,000 expats from China will move to Australia, Canada, and the United States.

Chinese also make up the world’s most numerous participants in golden visa programs. Chinese applicants account for 46% of such approved visas in Australia and Greece and 31% in Portugal.

Chinese account for equally large shares of lower-profile citizenship and residency through investment programs. For example, 25% of all golden visas issued by Antigua & Barbuda have gone to Chinese citizens.

Western Expats Rank Malaysia as Asia’s Best

“Our research at Juwai IQI shows Malaysia is a top destination, but we aren’t the only ones saying so. The global expat organisation, Internations, just shared with us their survey of more than 12,000 members, whose most common nationalities are American, British, Indian, German and Italian.

“Western expats rank Malaysia as the fourth best place in the world for expats and the single best place in the Asian hemisphere. Only Mexico, Spain and Panama are more desirable than Malaysia for Western expats.

10 Best Places for Expats in 2023


  1. Mexico
  2. Spain
  3. Panama
  4. Malaysia
  5. Taiwan
  6. Thailand
  7. Costa Rica
  8. Philippines
  9. Bahrain
  10. Portugal


Source: InterNations, Expat Insider 2023


“Malaysia ranks second for housing and fourth for language, placing it well above other ASEAN nations. Malaysia ranks fifth in the world for financial satisfaction and cost of living. Malaysia is also a friendly country, and expats rank it in the global top ten in ‘ease of finding friends.’

“Compared to other top destinations, Malaysia ranks highly with expats but has a relatively small population of resident expats. The most common countries of residence for expats are Germany, Spain, the UAE, the USA and Switzerland.



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