Tzu Chi Foundation lends a hand to Sungai Buloh Hospital by cleaning, preparing wards for Covid-19 patients

Tzu Chi Foundation lends a hand to Sungai Buloh Hospital by cleaning, preparing wards for Covid-19 patients

SUNGAI BULOH, March 23 — Hospital Sungai Buloh has been one the main battlefields in Malaysia for fighting the Covid-19 pandemic and as time goes on, staff there will need all the help they can get.

One organisation, the Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia, gathered 60 volunteers to help clean and prepare the National Leprosy Centre in Sungai Buloh on Friday morning.  The 11 vacant rooms were transformed into wards for incoming Covid-19 patients in a matter of hours by volunteers, which was divided into a team of five.

Tzu Chi multimedia and communication head Chong Chuan Yit said all the volunteers had to follow strict guidelines in cleaning up the wards which included being healthy with no chronic illnesses,

Besides that, it was compulsory for volunteers to wear masks and gloves throughout the cleaning and preparation process apart from the constant changing of gloves when they came into contact with dirty linen.

Although having to follow strict guidelines, the Tzu Chi volunteers were more than happy to help frontliners and to serve the country.

“I was always touched to see the medical personnel rescuing lives at the front line. I’m grateful for this opportunity to contribute what we can,” said Tan Yen Ann, one of the Tzu Chi volunteers.

“I’m just giving what little I can, to help the medical personnel and also our country,” said another volunteer Kuan Su Ling.

Hospital Sungai Buloh director Dr Kuldip Kaur also expressed her gratitude towards the effort shown by the NGO. “My staff will understand that they’re getting support not only from the hospital and the ministry of health but also from the community, the NGO that is coming together to help in this fight against Covid-19,” she said.

The Tzu Chi Foundation is a non-profit Buddhist organisation from Taiwan and have contributed a fair amount of help to the frontliners in combating Covid-19.  This includes supplying medical equipment to Tawau Hospital and producing DIY face shields for Sungai Buloh Hospital personnel.

Source : MalayMail /Facebook Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia

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