UCloud partners with HGC to provide high-quality cloud services to enterprises and OTT in Southeast Asia

UCloud partners with HGC to provide high-quality cloud services to enterprises and OTT in Southeast Asia

HONG KONG, May 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — HGC Global Communications Limited (HGC), a fully-fledged ICT service provider and network operator with extensive global coverage and UCloud Technology Co., Ltd. (UCloud), a neutral cloud computing service provider, have announced the strategic partnership to jointly expand into the cloud market in Southeast Asia, starting in Thailand. This collaboration aims to provide enterprises and OTT with efficient, flexible, and reliable cloud services, enabling and accelerating their digital transformation.

This collaboration marks a promising beginning for HGC and UCloud to jointly develop the market in Southeast Asia. With UCloud’s comprehensive suite of cloud products and secure, stable technical solutions, HGC will swiftly establish an asset-light public cloud infrastructure and enhance its cloud service portfolio in EdgeX by HGC, a one-stop-shop solution that includes Global Connectivity, Data Center, Cybersecurity, Managed Services, and Cloud Connection. It will enable us to deliver exceptional, flexible, and customized cloud computing services along with comprehensive spectrum of Internet Services such as Eyeball-as-a-Service and AMS-IX backed by a robust Telecom infrastructure.

UCloud, as a leading cloud technology company, has been actively expanding its presence in international markets since 2013. Through years of dedicated efforts, UCloud has developed the capabilities of robust and reliable overseas infrastructure operation, gaining recognition from over 60,000 global users. With 30 years of experience as a network operator with extensive global coverage, HGC has profound insights and understanding of customer need in Southeast Asia. Moreover, HGC has rich local service experience in Thailand, playing a crucial role in accelerating the rapid deployment of UCloud’s advanced cloud technology solutions in the region. By combining UCloud’s technology prowess with HGC’s local market expertise, the partnership is uniquely positioned to deliver tailored and effective integrated cloud solutions.

Steven Xu Tan, CEO, Oversea Business of UCloud said: “This collaboration represents a significant milestone in the integration of cloud computing and telecommunications ecosystems. It also marks the beginning of a comprehensive collaboration between UCloud and HGC’s overseas team to effectively serve global customers. As one of the leading cloud service providers in China expanding globally, UCloud has achieved extensive overseas infrastructure coverage by establishing availability zones in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. HGC has extensive global network infrastructure and expertise in digital services, enabling the delivery of customized solutions for customers across industries. We firmly believe that UCloud and HGC can work together to drive the adoption of cloud computing in Thailand and other regions.”

Cliff Tam, Senior Vice President, Global Data Strategy & Operations, International Business of HGC said: “We are delighted to embark on this strategic collaboration with UCloud, leveraging their cutting-edge cloud infrastructure and service capabilities to swiftly establish EdgeX with HGC cloud service portfolio in overseas markets. With decades of expertise under our belt, we are committed to delivering excellence to Internet community and OTT customers, catering to their diverse requirements on the digital transformation of the region’s agile environment. Building upon our collaboration in Thailand, we are confident that we will replicate this advanced experience and achieve greater breakthroughs across various industries and in other overseas regions.

About HGC Global Communications Limited

HGC Global Communications Limited (HGC) is a leading Hong Kong and international telecom operator and ICT solution provider. The company owns an extensive network and infrastructure in Hong Kong and overseas and provides various kinds of services. HGC has 19 overseas offices and staff presence in 31 cities worldwide. It provides telecom infrastructure service to other operators and serves as a service provider to corporate and households. The company provides full-fledged telecom, data centre services, ICT solutions and broadband services for local, overseas, corporate, SME and mass markets. HGC owns and operates an extensive fibre-optic network, five cross-border telecom routes integrated into tier-one telecom operators in mainland China and connects with hundreds of world-class international telecom operators. The company is committed to further investing and enriching its current infrastructure and, in parallel, adding on top the latest technologies and developing its infrastructure services and solutions. In 2019, HGC Group completed the acquisition of Macroview Telecom Limited (Macroview), a leading digital technology solution and managed services provider. The addition of Macroview further accelerates HGC Group’s digital transformation path and positioning as a pioneering ICT and digital services leader. HGC is a portfolio company of I Squared Capital, an independent global infrastructure investment manager focusing on energy, utilities, transport, social infrastructure, digital infrastructure, and environmental infrastructure in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

To learn more, please visit HGC’s website at: www.hgc.com.hk

About UCloud

Established in 2012, Shanghai-based UCloud (UCloud Technology Co., Ltd.) is a neutral and secure computing service platform. Continuously achieving breakthroughs in key and core technologies, UCloud offers a comprehensive range of cloud products, including public, private, hybrid, and edge cloud solutions. The company has independently developed IaaS, PaaS, and the SafeHouse big data exchange platform, along with various AI terminals and service platforms. UCloud operates 31 cloud available zones globally, spanning 24 countries and regions such as China, Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Africa. These data centers form the foundation of UCloud’s digital information infrastructure, characterized by its seamless integration of cloud and network, security and stability, intelligent agility, and environmental sustainability.

UCloud adheres to the customer-first service principle, offering a wide array of products and application scenario solutions related to cloud computing, big data, and AI technology. Catering to users in diverse sectors such as industrial internet, education, healthcare, retail and finance etc., UCloud aims to accelerate digital transformation and innovation, enhance total factor productivity, and advance industry digitalization and digital industrialization.

SOURCE HGC Global Communications Limited (HGC)

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