Unlocking huge opportunity for travel sellers

Unlocking huge opportunity for travel sellers

InterLnkd, the travel industry’s intelligent shopping mall partner, has revealed holidaymakers have spent a significant proportion of their travel budgets on fashion and beauty products this summer.

Based on sales prompted by InterLnkd – which enables the travel industry to earn a new and free revenue stream by cross-selling fashion, beauty, and essential products – travellers have been spending an average of £180 on these items ahead of their summer holidays.

The tech provider says consumers’ basket values often exceeded £400 and, in some cases, even outstripped their per-head holiday costs. While swimwear, suntan lotion, and sandals remained popular purchases this year, sales have also soared across seemingly unrelated categories including pharmaceuticals and tech accessories.

Robert Goldsmith, Chief Operating Officer of InterLnkd, said: “While we might expect travellers’ spend across fashion, beauty, and essentials to align with the cost of their holidays, this isn’t always the case. Our data shows they are spending a staggering proportion of their holiday budgets on products destined for the suitcase, even if the holiday itself is at the lower end of the price range.

“On average, travellers this summer have spent £180 per person on fashion and beauty products, as well as holiday essentials such as over-the-counter medicine, phone and laptop chargers, and international adapters. With holidaymakers scouring for deals as soon as their flights and hotels are booked, travel sellers are faced with a huge opportunity to offer their customers the products they want and need for their trips, long before take-off.”

Thanks to its intelligent matching engine, InterLnkd perfectly curates the most relevant products for a customer’s travel reservation to offer them recommendations from over 1,000 brands across fashion, beauty, and essentials – ranging from high-end labels to household names.

The unique solution enables travellers to find the products that best complement their upcoming holidays – all while earning the travel seller a new and free stream of ancillary revenue from the products their customers are looking for.


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