Unveiling the ugee Q6 Mobile Drawing Tablet: Portable and Precise, Unleash Imagination Any Time, Any Where

Unveiling the ugee Q6 Mobile Drawing Tablet: Portable and Precise, Unleash Imagination Any Time, Any Where

SHENZHEN, China, Oct. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ugee, a global leader in digital art solutions, has introduced its latest offering, the ugee Q6 Mobile Drawing Tablet. This revolutionary device renders portability, precision, and compatibility into one seamless package, making it an ideal companion for artists seeking inspiration in various settings.

Measuring a sleek 166x218mm and weighing a mere 249g, comparable to an A5 notebook in size and weight. The fusion of convenience and portability ensures you can pick up the tablet and start drawing and creating anytime, anywhere.

The ugee Q6 is designed with a vertical layout to maximize compatibility with Android phones, tablets and other mobile devices, providing a customized experience specifically for mobile drawing. While it extends beyond just your phone, and also compatible with mainstream systems and drawing apps as follows.

Comfy holding battery-free stylus with precision

The stylus mimics a sketching pencil to provide a realistic grip, allowing artists to work for hours without fatigue. It incorporates 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and a tilt function of ±60°, capturing each of your strokes. There is no cable connections or charging are required, allowing you to draw freely and effortlessly.

A must-have stylish compact tablet

The ugee Q6 boasts a trendy and fashionable appearance, available in three different color(Beige, Mint Green, and Charcoal Grey). It can be both elegant and charming, with outstanding aesthetics. Take this stylish and eye-catching ugee Q6 with you, and turn heads wherever you go.

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In light of the rich features, convenience, and wide application scenarios it brings to the table, the ugee Q6 stands as an investment that reaps significant creative dividends. Embrace creativity and rules, and let the ugee Q6 brings artistic vision to life.

About ugee:

ugee is a leading global supplier of digital drawing tablets and monitors, followed by tenet of the self-innovation, we keeps evolving the products and services based on user feedback and expectations. Adhering to the statement 「To Write. To Draw. To the New.」, we help users easily navigate the digital world and provide insightful solutions to meet your various needs and expectations in life and work, allowing you to unlock more possibilities.


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