UNWTO Startup Competition Seeks Innovators Shaping the Future of Hospitality and Business Models

UNWTO Startup Competition Seeks Innovators Shaping the Future of Hospitality and Business Models

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is joining with Infecar (Feria de Gran Canaria) to identify entrepreneurs playing a key role in reshaping the hotel and new business model landscapes.

The UNWTO Startup Competition for Tourism Technologies and Solutions in Hotels and New Business Models is open to any startup or entrepreneur worldwide. The competition will award 10 finalists with the best solutions in the categories of Innovations in Digital Hospitality and Business Models, and Sustainability Impact.

Innovation and technology in the hospitality industry redefine the very essence of the guest experience, transforming hotels into hubs of seamless, personalized services. With his competition, we are sourcing startups on a global level that are pioneering solutions that elevate the standards of guest satisfaction, operational efficiency, and sustainability for hotels and new business models. Ms. Natalia Bayona, Executive Director, World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Hosting the UNWTO Startup Competition for the second consecutive year at Infecar, with a dedicated focus on technologies and solutions in tourism for hotels, underscores our steadfast dedication to fostering sustainability and innovation within this pivotal industry. Ms. Natalia Santana, Director General of Infecar, Feria de Gran Canaria.

The finalists will pitch their ideas at the Tourism Tech Adventures Canarias on 20 February 2024 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaría, followed by mentorships from international partners. The winning startups will receive tailored support, become a member of the UNWTO Innovation Network with access to venture capital and the private sector, will receive scholarship opportunities from the Tourism Online Academy, and potential implementation of their projects.

About the UNWTO Startup Competitions:
UNWTO, through its Department of Innovation, Education, and Investments, has developed 14 global entrepreneurship competitions (“UNWTO Tourism Startup Competitions”), and 11 specific challenges that have generated an Innovation Network of over 7000 Members. The UNWTO startup competitions ignite a revolution in the tourism sector, steering it toward higher levels of intelligence, sustainability, and innovation. The competition seeks to identify and support pioneering startups that can contribute to the transformation of the industry.

For more details about the startup competition, or innovation initiatives, please contact [email protected]


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