VTOMAN Makes Significant Improvements to Its Outdoor Power Stations

VTOMAN Makes Significant Improvements to Its Outdoor Power Stations

NEW YORK, April 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, with a focus on user safety and power reliability, VTOMAN has made significant improvements to its outdoor power stations, including adopting LiFePO4 batteries and self-developed LIFEBMS battery safety system to ensure a safe and reliable power supply in every situation, which has become an important element of people’s outdoor adventure activities.

SuperSafe LIFEBMS Safety Protection System

The upgraded LIFEBMS battery management system integrates an intelligent thermal module, which can better control the internal temperature of the battery. At the same time, it integrates up to 10 kinds of battery charging protection, including over-voltage protection, over-load protection, over-charge protection, short-circuit protection, over-current protection, AI software protection, reverse-charge protection, spark-proof protection, high temperature protection and reverse-polarity protection , thus greatly improving the safety performance of the battery in various environments.

Long-lasting & Durable LiFePO4 Battery

The built-in LiFePO4 batteries have higher safety than NCM batteries. Even if it encounters acupuncture and pressure, it will not catch fire and explode. Also the LiFePO4 batteries have the advantage of a longer charging and discharge life, eliminating potential safety hazards for outdoor emergency power supply and outdoor operation electricity consumption.

Here are some of core power products from Vtoman:

1) Vtoman Jump 600X Power Station, a very compact power station with a decent capacity of 299Wh, a rated power of 600W(Surge 1200W), safe LiFePO4 batteries and multiple output methods, and loved for its great portability and 12V car jump starter.

2) Vtoman Jump 1000 Power Station, is a bestseller with a high capacity of 1408Wh, a rated power of 1000W(Surge 2000W), safe LiFePO4 batteries & upgraded LIFEBMS safety protection features, expandable capacity, 12V car jump starter and grab-and-go use case flexibility.

3) Vtoman Jump 1500X Power Station, another bestseller with a mid-level capacity of 828Wh, a large rated power of 1500W(Surge 3000W), safe LiFePO4 batteries & upgraded LIFEBMS safety features, 12V car jump starter, and loved for its grab-and-go use case flexibility and efficient recharging performance.

4) Vtoman Solar Generator 1000W (Jump 1000 + 2*100W Solar Panel), a bestseller of entry-level for off-grid backup up, comes with a high-level capacity of 1408Wh, safe LiFePO4 batteries & upgraded LIFEBMS safety features, 12V car jump starter, and superior solar energy storage and usage.

5) Vtoman Jump 1800 with Extra Battery (Jump 1800 + Extra Battery), a bestseller of entry-level for indoor & outdoor use, comes with a huge capacity of 3096Wh, a huge rated power of 1800W(Surge 3600W), safe LiFePO4 battery & upgraded LIFEBMS safety features, 12V car jump starter, and prolonged power performance.

VTOMAN is a globally reliable developer of lithium battery applications, with products covering outdoor portable energy storage power supplies and electric power tools. By focusing primarily on portable power, VTOMAN is creating new off-grid lifestyles that are safer, more practical, and more environmentally friendly. Vtoman offers a 2-Year warranty on all Vtoman products. If any questions during use, just feel free to contact Vtoman customer service.

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