XAG Attends US 2nd Spray Drone User Conference Sponsored by Pegasus Robotics

XAG Attends US 2nd Spray Drone User Conference Sponsored by Pegasus Robotics

GULF SHORES, Ala., March 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — XAG attended the 2nd US Spray Drone User Conference held from February 26th to 29th in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Hosted by Auburn University Extension and partly sponsored by XAG’s US partner, Pegasus Robotics, the conference showcased the latest advancements in agricultural drone technology and precision spraying solutions. Over 300 industry experts, unmanned aircraft operators, and agricultural producers attended this annual gathering.

XAG P100 Pro Agricultural Drone, the industry-leading product released in the US market, was introduced during the conference. This fully autonomous, foldable quadcopter with a 50 kg payload is designed for spraying, spreading, and field mapping. Its innovative features, including RTK centimeter-level navigation, automatic obstacle avoidance, rotary atomization spraying, and App route planning, elevate precision, efficiency and safety to new heights.

XAG’s Co-founder Justin Gong sharing at the conference

Pegasus Robotics presented its capabilities for precise spraying and provided solutions for drone-based agricultural production. Attendees were also treated to live flight demonstrations in the field to experience its ease of operation and effectiveness.

XAG’s Co-founder Justin Gong was invited to the conference and his presence underscored XAG’s commitment to innovation and collaboration within the smart farming industry. As a pioneer in the field, Gong shared insights and expertise during keynote speech and panel discussions, highlighting the importance of sustainable agricultural practices and the role of drones in modern farming.

“We are thrilled to have Dr. Justin Gong from XAG join us at the US 2nd Spray Drone User Conference,” said Arthur Chen, CEO of Pegasus Robotics. “His presence and expertise have added tremendous value to our discussions on the future of agricultural drone technology.”

Gong expressed his excitement about the advancements showcased at the conference, stating, “It’s inspiring to see the continuous innovation and dedication within the agricultural drone industry. Events like these provide valuable opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing, ultimately driving forward the adoption of sustainable farming practices, with the ongoing development of smart farming tools.”

The application prospect of XAG’s agricultural drone in the US market was also discussed. As one of the world’s leading grain producers, the US has vast arable land covering 1.6 billion hectares and supplies food crops such as corn, soybeans, and wheat. But in recent years, farmers face the increasing challenge of rural aging, resource scarcity, and climate change. According to the US Department of Agriculture, the average age of farmers in 2023 was over 57, with those over 65 managing 40% of the nation’s farmland.

Now the use of agricultural drones has grown rapidly in the US, with many farmers showing interest in this technology. XAG’s agricultural drones have great potential in the US market, as they offer various functions that help reduce pesticide and fertilizer use, cut production costs, and improve farming efficiency.

About XAG:

XAG is a leading agriculture technology company and one of the world’s largest agricultural drone providers. Founded in 2007, XAG focuses on the development, manufacturing, and promotion of autonomous machinery and solutions to empower agriculture.

Their product portfolio spans Agricultural Drone, Unmanned Ground Vehicle, Remote Sensing Drone, Tractor Autopilot Console, and Smart Farm Product. In face of labor shortage and climate change, XAG’s solution is dedicated to helping farmers reduce production costs, and make farm work more efficient and safer.

About Pegasus Robotics:

Pegasus Robotics is a leading provider empowering agriculture with innovative drone robotic technology. Dedicated to enhancing farm productivity and crop yields, they offer durable, efficient, and easy-to-repair drones, backed by comprehensive training and support in the US and Canada. The expertise rooted in agricultural heritage drives Pegasus Robotics to deliver exceptional customer service and advanced solutions, ensuring every farmer is equipped for the future of precision agriculture.


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