XCMG’s Electric Oilfield Maintenance Equipment Cuts 25.812 Metric Tons of Carbon Emissions in Oil Production

XCMG’s Electric Oilfield Maintenance Equipment Cuts 25.812 Metric Tons of Carbon Emissions in Oil Production

Promoting Scope III Emission Reduction in the Energy Industry

XUZHOU, China, Nov. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — XCMG Machinery’s (SHE:000425, “XCMG”) electric workover rig has recently completed the cleaning of 10 oil pipelines in an oilfield in Northern China, which has reduced 25.812 Metric tons of carbon emissions for the oil exploitation project.

“As a link in the energy industry chain, XCMG has set up a series of programs and plans, including the ‘Carbon Reduction Action for Supply Chain Alliances’ to push for reaching the goals of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. Our Program of Action for Peak Carbon and Carbon Neutrality was released in February 2022 with eight major measures of its exploration and practice to advance the reduction of Scope I, II, and III emissions. By 2035, the product penetration of new energy products will thrive to exceed 35 percent, and the carbon footprint of key products, including excavators and cranes, will be reduced by 32 percent compared to 2020,” said Lu Chuan, president of XCMG.

The oilfields in northern China carry out tens of thousands of maintenance operations every year. In 2023, batches of XCMG’s electric workover rigs have been deployed to the major oilfields.

XCMG’s hybrid power workover rig can utilize chassis power operation in oil wells without electricity, providing continuous energy supply with onboard charging and operating while charging. Compared with conventional fuel vehicles, the dual-power product saves more energy, boasts higher efficiency, lowers maintenance costs, and saves more than 2 million CNY throughout the full life cycle. It also greatly reduces safety risks while improving operation efficiency and reducing labor intensity.

The equipment is also equipped with XCMG’s self-developed vehicle control system. In addition, XCMG’s excavators that meet North American EPA Tier 4F emission standards are also delivering efficient performances in oilfield operations.

In 2022, two units of the XE360U excavators equipped with a high-pressure common-rail EFI T4F engine and an intelligent electronic control system completed tasks successfully at a petroleum production base in Texas, US, saving 10 percent of fuel compared to other excavators working on site. It’s favored by the customer for operational flexibility and easy maintenance, and XCMG’s overseas service engineers are also stationed on-site to provide timely and efficient technical support to ensure uninterrupted operation of the equipment.


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