Xinhua Silk Road: Zoomlion Access pursues high-quality development with aerial work machinery sector innovation

Xinhua Silk Road: Zoomlion Access pursues high-quality development with aerial work machinery sector innovation

BEIJING, April 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Zoomlion, China’s leading manufacturer of high-tech equipment, released an annual report recently, boasting that the revenue of its aerial work machinery sector has exceeded 5 billion yuan, mostly from its subsidiary Zoomlion Intelligent Access Machinery Co., Ltd. (Zoomlion Access).

Since its entry into the aerial work machinery sector for the first time in October 2018, Zoomlion Access has grown its operating income from zero to over 5 billion yuan in just six years, becoming one of the top three manufacturers in China and the sixth globally in the aerial work machinery sector.

In 2019, the company launched a lithium-ion powered scissor lifts, and continuously broke through core electric-powered technologies. It then introduced over 100 new energy products with a sales ratio of over 90 percent, surpassing European and American brands.

The company’s aerial work machinery product range covers working heights from 4 meters to 72 meters, including the world’s highest reach boom lifts, propelling the industry towards ultra-high reach and intelligent development.

As of the end of March this year, Zoomlion Access has obtained 231 patents, including 69 invention patents, 103 utility model patents, and 59 design patents. It has also acquired 9 computer software copyrights.

By deeply integrating modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, the company has enabled intelligent fault diagnosis and safety warning functions in its products, enhancing operational convenience and safety.

Its products are not only popular in the domestic market but are also exported to over 100 countries and regions worldwide, achieving a breakthrough for Chinese brands in the European and American markets.

The company has implemented measures such as rooftop photovoltaic and zero volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions in painting processes, realizing energy saving and emission reduction in the production process and green manufacturing.

Zoomlion Access will continue to promote sci-tech innovation, expand application scenarios, and boost the development of aerial work machinery towards intelligent and green transformation.

SOURCE Xinhua Silk Road

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