Zendure Launches SuperBase V and Hub 2000 Combo for a Sustainable Future

Zendure Launches SuperBase V and Hub 2000 Combo for a Sustainable Future

DÜSSELDORF, Germany, May 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — A fast-growing EnergyTech start-up Zendure launches a new combo, the Hub 2000 and SuperBase V. This plug-and-play, on and off-grid storage system consists of Hub 2000, SuperBase V4600, microinverter, and 840W solar panels, offers cost-saving clean energy for both adventure and household demands, promoting a more sustainable lifestyle.

A Versatile Solar Energy Solution for On-Grid and Off-Grid Use

The Hub 2000 and the SuperBase V storage solution enable on-grid and off-grid use with a 6.4/4.6 kWh storage system that supports solar systems up to 6,400 W. With dual and single MPPTs and compatibility with 99% of microinverters, the system stands out as a highly efficient and versatile solution.

During daylight hours, Hub 2000 channels solar power, converting it into AC through a microinverter to run home appliances. At night, SuperBase V steps in, utilizing stored excess power to keep your high-and low-power household devices running smoothly. The Hub 2000 can harness up to 1,800 W of solar power while the SuperBase V can utilize up to 3,000W. The microinverter’s output can be adjusted between 0 and 1,200 W, offering further flexibility.

The SuperBase V guarantees an uninterruptible power supply, ensuring refrigerators, WiFi routers and other essential appliances stay powered during power outage or when used outside the domestic power grid, such as during outdoor activities or travel.

The system, compatible with PV systems up to 6,400 W(2400W for Hub 2000 and 4000W for SuperBase V), maximizes energy yield through triple MPPT that optimize conversion of solar energy. Supported by Shelly accessories, the intelligent power control of Hub 2000 allows for quick adjustment of output power to match consumption and minimize grid feed-in.

Price and availability

Hub 2000 + SuperBase V4600 + Cable: 2,520.00 euros(Germany)
Hub 2000 + SuperBase V4600 + Microinverter + 4*210W Solar Panels + Cable: 2,939.00 euros(Germany)
Hub 2000 + SuperBase V4600 + Cable: 2,999.00 euros(European Union)
Hub 2000 + SuperBase V4600 + Microinverter + 4*210W Solar Panels + Cable: 3,498.00 euros(European Union)
The bundles are now available, for more information, visit:

Balkonkraftwerk Komplettset mit tragbarer Powerstation Hub 2000-SuperBase V
Hub 2000+SuperBase V Plug and Play On & Off Grid Storage System

About Zendure

Founded in 2017, Zendure is one of the fastest-growing EnergyTech start-ups located in the technology hubs of Silicon Valley, USA, and the Greater Bay Area, China, Japan, and Germany. Its mission is to deliver reliable and affordable clean energy for households worldwide by popularizing the latest EnergyTech.


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