Nilai Medical Centre offers Covid-19 drive-through tests, promises results within 48 hours

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KUALA LUMPUR,. Nilai Medical Centre will provide drive-through Covid-19 testing with results ready within 48 hours starting today. Its ‘time-sensitive’ initiative is aimed at supporting the Ministry of Health’s efforts to scale up detection, isolation and treatment; all with the aim to flatten the curve and eliminate the virus. “With ... Read More


Ministry to bring home Malaysian athletes from overseas, if necessary

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KUALA LUMPUR,. The Youth and Sports Ministry, in cooperation with the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) and national sports associations (NSAs), are ready to bring home national athletes from overseas, if necessary, following the Covid-19 pandemic. Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican said in a statement ... Read More


Men are much more likely to die from coronavirus – but why?

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It has been well-publicised that Covid-19 discriminates by age and by underlying health conditions. But it has become increasingly apparent that it also discriminates by sex, with men more likely to test positive and more likely to die from the disease. The trend was first seen in China, where one ... Read More

Tzu Chi Foundation lends a hand to Sungai Buloh Hospital by cleaning, preparing wards for Covid-19 patients

Norazam Mohammad Nordin- Mar 25, 2020 0

SUNGAI BULOH, March 23 — Hospital Sungai Buloh has been one the main battlefields in Malaysia for fighting the Covid-19 pandemic and as time goes on, staff there will need all the help they can get. One organisation, the Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia, gathered 60 volunteers to help clean and ... Read More

‘If we sit tight we will get through this’: readers on coping with coronavirus -theguardian

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‘I think people are getting the message at last’ Left the house for my daily walk this morning. The streets are much quieter than they were yesterday at the same time. People in my local Co-op are standing two metres apart from one another. The queue in the post office ... Read More