2.2 billion social media impressions: “differentiating factor” for Civitatis driving bookings

2.2 billion social media impressions: “differentiating factor” for Civitatis driving bookings

Civitatis, the leading technological platform for booking Spanish-speaking activities, day trips, guided tours, and excursions worldwide – both in the B2C and B2B channels – is poised for yet another groundbreaking year in social media engagement. Building upon a plan established since 2018, Civitatis has solidified its position as the leader by social media followers in the tours & activities space by harnessing the power of social media not only for branding but also as a potent driver of bookings.

In 2023, Civitatis amassed an impressive 2.2 billion impressions, garnering over 133 million video views, on its social media channels worldwide.

Using social media as a differentiating factor to help the company reach around a record 10 million bookings in 2023, Civitatis closed the year with an impressive following of 585,000 followers on its Instagram account and 280,000 on TikTok, firmly establishing itself as the undisputed leader in the tours and activities space.

Bolstered by a long-term strategy of investment in social media, Civitatis has emerged as a trailblazer in leveraging platforms like TikTok and Instagram to connect globally.

With an in-house Social Media content creator and dynamic team, Civitatis is set to redefine travel marketing in 2024 and beyond, promising travellers an unmatched journey from inspiration to booking, building both its brand presence and significantly enhancing conversion capabilities.

Commenting on the company’s achievements, Ismael García, CMO at Civitatis, remarked, “We had a great 2023 in every sense but were particularly proud of how we used social media as our differentiating factor to drive bookings and reach our all time record of 10M bookings – and we are expecting even more from our social strategy in 2024. So far, the metrics are backing this sentiment! In today’s digital landscape, those online sellers of travel products who do not already have a comprehensive social media strategy have essentially missed the bus. Watch this space as we continue to push the boundaries of social media excellence!”

Since 2018, Civitatis has strategically invested in social media, transforming it into a powerhouse for bookings. By prioritising innovative strategies and engagement, Civitatis has cultivated a dynamic online presence, driving unparalleled reach and conversion rates. This long-term commitment has solidified Civitatis as a leader in the tour and activity industry, with its social media strategy serving as a key driver of continued success.


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