20% of Malmö´s Eurovision Tickets Snapped Up by UK Fans

20% of Malmö´s Eurovision Tickets Snapped Up by UK Fans

With the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 fast approaching on 4-11 May, Malmö is gearing up for a global celebration, bringing together music lovers from across the world with the UK, last year´s host country topping the list of international visitors, representing nearly a fifth of total ticket sales. There is also great interest from the USA, Australia, Germany, Denmark and Spain with foreign ticket buyers accounting for 66% of tickets sold. The remaining 34% come from Sweden.

Sweden has a remarkable track record at ESC, hosting the event for the seventh time. However, as Eurovision fever grips Malmö for the third time, there is plenty to discover in Sweden’s third-largest city beyond the glamour of the competition.

“We see Malmö as a place where people, cultural expressions, and traditions come together and get to know each other. This is what our event should also reflect. When people from over 80 countries are welcomed by Malmö residents with backgrounds from over 180 nations, it can be incredibly exciting,” says Karin Karlsson, Managing Director of Malmö City Event for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024.

More and more people are discovering Malmö as a tourist destination, a trend that has been evident for many years. The tightly packed cultural offerings, rich food scene, and great diversity which are all so easy to get around, attract many. With people from so many countries coming together in Malmö, the city offers a diverse program for everyone.

The centrepiece of the festivities is the Eurovision Village in Folkets Park, one of Sweden’s oldest public parks. The ESC programme includes performances by Malena Ernman together with the Malmö Magical Gospel Group, a pop party with local ESC star Frans, as well as performances by American dance icon Robin S (“Show Me Love”). The Brändan Dance Rotunda will be transformed into the Dancing Queen Stage, including a Eurovision-themed roller skating disco, as well as DJs along the car-free Friisgatan Street, which will become ´Eurovision Street´. The Malmö Live Congress and Concert Hall will be the place to celebrate during the contest. This is where Malmö invites you to the opening ceremony and the grand closing party, a celebration of music and community. Malmö Live will also host the Turquoise Carpet and the EuroClub. Thanks to Malmö Live’s location, just a stone’s throw from Malmö Central Station, the Malmö Arena and the Eurovision Village can be reached in just a few minutes by train.

Another highlight that has just been released is the unique ABBA World pop-up experience, celebrating fifty years since ABBA’s international breakthrough in Brighton 1974, with ‘Waterloo’. For the first time, fans will be able to experience all the different parts of ABBA under one roof. ABBA World invites both new and old fans to see parts of ABBA The Museum, ABBA Voyage, Mamma Mia!, Mamma Mia! The Party and Polar Music International. The exhibition, which spans two floors, offers ABBA fans space to create memories together and is open from 29 April to 13 May.


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