A Fond Farewell: Honouring H.E. Charles Hay MVO, Outgoing British High Commissioner to Malaysia

A Fond Farewell: Honouring H.E. Charles Hay MVO, Outgoing British High Commissioner to Malaysia

*This article first appeared in BMCC Newsletter Issue #360 – 3 July 2023


Last week, we gathered to honour and express our gratitude to His Excellency Charles Hay, MVO, for his remarkable contributions to strengthening the ties between the United Kingdom and Malaysia over the past four eventful years.

As the Patron of the BMCC, H.E. Charles played a pivotal role in the Chamber’s success, positioning it as the preferred business partner for UK companies and a trusted ally of the UK Government in Malaysia.

His leadership has had a significant impact on our collective efforts and has fostered collaboration and synergy between the BMCC and the British High Commission Teams, resulting in strong partnerships and furthering UK-Malaysia business and trade relations.

H.E. Charles has also been a strong advocate for the interests of businesses, lending his voice to BMCC’s industry advocacy efforts and creating opportunities for engagement with the government. His dedication and commitment have made a lasting impression on the British-Malaysian business landscape.

Beyond his professional achievements, H.E. Charles showed genuine enthusiasm for building people-to-people connections and promoting cultural understanding. Through his engagement with various organisations and initiatives, he has fostered a sense of camaraderie and friendship that will endure even after his departure.

The BMCC Board Members, Executive Office, and Members express their deepest appreciation to H.E. Charles for his exceptional leadership and unwavering commitment to advancing British-Malaysian business relationships.

We extend our best wishes to him and his family in their future endeavours, confident that his wisdom, passion, and dedication will continue to inspire positive change wherever he goes.

As we move forward, let us ensure that the bridges we have built together remain strong, and may the future bring abundant opportunities for further growth and collaboration.

Additionally, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Ailsa Terry as the new British High Commissioner to Malaysia, succeeding H.E. Charles. Ms. Terry will assume her role in July 2023.

We extend our warmest congratulations to Ms. Terry on her appointment and look forward to working closely with her to further strengthen the bilateral relationship between the UK and Malaysia. Her experience and expertise will undoubtedly contribute to the continued growth and collaboration between our two nations.


Source — BMCC


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