AIZEN Launches AI Banking Service Partnership for Vietnam’s Electric Vehicle Market

AIZEN Launches AI Banking Service Partnership for Vietnam’s Electric Vehicle Market

SEOUL, South KoreaJuly 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — AIZEN, the artificial intelligence financial company, has announced the launch of its AI banking service in Vietnam’s electric vehicle (EV) market. The company has formed a strategic partnership with BEST Express, a prominent transportation company, to provide financing solutions for EVs.

Vietnam is actively transitioning to electric and hybrid vehicles, promoting eco-friendly services and embracing ESG management.

AIZEN aims to support these green initiatives by offering greener finance solutions and expanding its financial services through technological advancements. BEST Express, as a leading transportation firm, plans to optimize product delivery, incorporate IoT technologies, and establish battery exchange infrastructure to enhance its competitive edge.

Through this partnership, both companies will work together to facilitate the smooth deployment of EV fleets and establish an eco-friendly delivery system. They will collaborate with banks and financial institutions to provide essential financial services for the transition to electric vehicles.

AIZEN’s AI technology platform, EV-CreditConnect, connects the EV market with finance in Vietnam and Indonesia. This partnership further expands the collaboration of AI banking services with transportation providers, financial institutions, and technology platforms.

AIZEN holds over 160 global patents related to the convergence of electric batteries and AI technology, enabling fast decision-making support. Their expertise in AI and finance has garnered recognition globally, including being selected as a “Responsible AI” company by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and achieving high rankings at prestigious fintech competitions.

Nam Phuong, Manager of BEST Express, highlights the significance of the partnership in developing an eco-friendly delivery system that aligns with the government’s policies and optimizes operating costs. They look forward to leveraging AIZEN’s new technologies to promote the electric vehicle market and benefit the local community and businesses.

CEO Jung-seok KANG of AIZEN emphasizes that their global financial standard model, CreditConnect, enables rapid decision-making and demonstrates AI financial innovation that contributes to eco-friendly policies.

With AIZEN’s AI banking service and the partnership with BEST Express, Vietnam’s electric vehicle market is set to receive a significant boost.

The collaboration aims to provide financing solutions, optimize product delivery, and contribute to the country’s eco-friendly transportation goals.

By leveraging AI and financial expertise, AIZEN and BEST Express are driving the adoption of electric vehicles and paving the way for a greener future in Vietnam.


Source: AIZEN
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