AugmentLabs DAO launches AugmentDEX and USC Visa Debit Card to provide USC holders with a seamless trading experience

AugmentLabs DAO launches AugmentDEX and USC Visa Debit Card to provide USC holders with a seamless trading experience

DUBAI, UAE, June 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — AugmentLabs DAO has recently launched AugmentDEX, a decentralized exchange that aims to provide USC holders with a seamless trading experience. While existing platforms like Uniswap and PancakeSwap already offer USC swaps, AugmentDEX takes decentralization to the next level by focusing on user experience and fostering a stronger sense of community ownership. Boasting a combined liquidity of over 3,000,000 USDT, AugmentDEX creates a tailored and efficient trading environment for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Recent events involving Binance and its stablecoin, BUSD, highlight the risks of centralized platforms and third-party custodianship, as emphasized by the SEC’s regulatory actions. To address these concerns, AugmentLabs DAO offers a decentralized option for USC holders, ensuring transparency, security, and control over one’s digital assets.

AugmentDEX, the decentralized exchange created by AugmentLabs DAO, enables direct trading of USC and other tokens from users’ wallets. This eliminates intermediaries and centralized custody, providing a secure and transparent trading environment. The significant transaction volume, approximately 1,000,000 USDT within the liquidity pools demonstrates the growing adoption of USC.

AugmentLabs DAO’s launch of AugmentDEX caters to the increased trading activity between USDT and USC, showcasing their commitment to a decentralized platform that meets the demands of the thriving USC ecosystem. AugmentDEX offers users full control and custody of their funds, ensuring the safety of assets through decentralization’s inherent security measures.

By solidifying its position as a leader in decentralized finance, AugmentLabs DAO provides a secure and transparent platform for USC and token trading. The high turnover between USDT and USC reflects the trust and confidence users have in the USC ecosystem. AugmentDEX empowers users to participate in the decentralized economy, take control of their financial transactions, and embrace the benefits of decentralized finance.

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USC Visa Debit Card

AugmentLabs DAO has also launched the USC Visa Debit Card, revolutionizing the way users access and spend USC cryptocurrency globally. This innovative card serves as a testament to AugmentLabs DAO’s commitment to decentralization and user-centric financial solutions. By offering the USC Visa Debit Card, AugmentLabs DAO empowers individuals to have a seamless and secure experience while embracing the benefits of decentralized finance.

With the USC Visa Debit Card, users have the flexibility to deposit both USC and USDT, allowing them to manage their digital assets according to their preferences. AugmentLabs DAO envisions a future where the card supports other stablecoins, positioning USC as a valuable decentralized stablecoin option. This feature-rich card sets itself apart from centralized alternatives by granting users complete custody and control over their USC holdings, ensuring the highest level of security and promoting self-sovereignty within the digital finance realm.

AugmentLabs DAO has designed the USC Visa Debit Card with a strong focus on lifestyle-related use cases. In addition to its worldwide fiat withdrawal capability at any Visa-supported ATM, the card offers exclusive benefits to enhance the user experience. Users enjoy a generous 2.5% cashback on purchases, providing a rewarding incentive for their transactions. Furthermore, cardholders can enjoy purchase rebates on popular platforms like Netflix or Spotify, subject to specific terms and conditions. These unique features elevate the value and utility of the USC Visa Debit Card, differentiating it from traditional debit cards and aligning with AugmentLabs DAO’s mission to become the leading lifestyle coin of the future.

To obtain a USC Visa Debit Card, interested users must register for an account and successfully pass the KYC verification process via the dedicated website:

Once the card is activated, users can deposit cryptocurrency and commence transactions in USC, unlocking a world of possibilities and experiencing the full potential of this innovative financial tool.

Staking and Use Cases

AugmentLabs DAO demonstrates its unwavering commitment to fortifying the USC ecosystem by introducing a staking program that presents an impressive annual percentage yield (APY) of 10% for USC holders. Through staking USC, users have the opportunity to earn passive income and maximize the potential of their digital assets, effectively leveraging the USC Visa Debit Card as a valuable tool for financial growth.

AugmentLabs DAO’s pursuit of innovation extends beyond conventional boundaries into the gaming industry. Upcoming game releases serve as a testament to the versatility and extensive potential of USC, transcending traditional use cases. These developments underscore AugmentLabs DAO’s unwavering dedication to pushing boundaries and reshaping the cryptocurrency landscape through immersive gaming experiences.

Looking towards the future, AugmentLabs DAO remains committed to expanding the use cases of USC across diverse industries such as marketplaces, cybersecurity, finance, health, and F&B, cementing its position as a widely accepted stablecoin cryptocurrency. To achieve this, AugmentLabs DAO will forge strategic partnerships with key players in these sectors, further augmenting the reach and applicability of USC.

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