Bali Restaurant Officially Opens in Helsinki

Bali Restaurant Officially Opens in Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland – Indonesian Ambassador to Finland and Estonia, Ratu Silvy Gayatri, attended the grand opening of Bali Restaurant, known by the Finnish language as Ravintola Bali (18/8). The restaurant location, which was not far from the Helsinki City centre was established by the Indonesian diaspora in Finland, Mrs. Christie Chasslam and her husband, Prof. Markku Känninen.

Ambassador Silvy delivered her greetings and congratulated the Bali Restaurant grand opening. In her speech, Ambassador Silvy said that the establishment of an Indonesian restaurant in Finland could be the bridge for the Finland people to know Indonesia. Besides that, the existence of authentic Indonesian cuisine in Finland is expected to strengthen the people-to-people contact between Finland and Indonesian people.

Bali Restaurant’s grand opening was complemented with prayers the cutting of a rice cone by the Indonesian Ambassador. The guests who came were then entertained with a Bali Mask dance and tasted a variety of dishes served by Bali Restaurant.

The Restaurant served various Indonesian cuisines, such as rendang, chicken opor, fried noodles, fried rice, meatballs, gado-gado, including various types of fried foods, such as bakwan, fried tempeh, and fried bananas. The restaurant wasn’t only for foreigners who were interested in tasting Indonesian cuisine, but it could be a cure for the Indonesians who missed Indonesian cuisine.

The Bali Restaurant is located on Mäkelänkatu 22 Street, Helsinki, Finland. The opening of Bali Restaurant previously began with a soft launch in April 2023 which also attended by the Indonesian Ambassador and Indonesian Embassy in Helsinki staff.


Source: Indonesian Embassy in Helsinki​

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