BEAVERLAB’s Davcarve L1: The World’s 1st Multi-Module Engraver& Creative Center Launching on Kickstarter

BEAVERLAB’s Davcarve L1: The World’s 1st Multi-Module Engraver& Creative Center Launching on Kickstarter

The 6-in-1 versatile system, beginning friendly-software & works with almost any material

HONG KONG, Oct. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — BEAVERLAB, the innovative brand known for being at the forefront of cutting-edge engraving technology, is proud to announce another first in their field – Davcarve L1 is launching on Kickstarter on October 10th at 8 AM ET, the Kickstarter campaign will mark the beginning of a transformative journey for creators worldwide.

Wide Application of Materials

“The Davcarve L1’s creative capabilities are nearly limitless,” said a representative from the BEAVERLAB team. “If you’re a creator or you’ve dreamed of becoming one, this machine makes it possible. Laser-engraved or laser-cut metal jewelry, wood cutting & carving, acrylic & glass etching, brandable items, personalized gifts, sticker shops. These are just a small sampling of the applications the Davcarve L1 serves.”

Additional materials that can be used with the Davcarve L1 include leather, fabric, stainless steel and other metals, and even cement.

The system includes rotary engraving, automatic drawing, and intricate cutter tools for relief art. The company’s goal is to raise HKD 50,000 by Nov.18,2023 to help fund mass production of the engraver & cutter. By backing the project on Kickstarter, contributors can save up to 51% on the Davcarve L1.

Versatile 6 Working Modules

While the Davcarve L1 is suitable for hobbyists, BEAVERLAB expects it to be a “huge draw” among artists and solopreneurs looking to turn their creativity into profitable do-it-yourself businesses. With a quick swap of modules, the Davcarve L1 can transform into a dual-laser engraver and cutter, a precision CNC router, a DIY cutting machine, or an automated drawing machine. The blue laser modules (10W and 20W) work for precision engraving and cutting across various materials, while the 2W infrared laser module is an ideal choice for engraving on metals.

With the CNC module, the Davcarve L1 transforms into a powerful CNC router machine able to handle both thick and thin materials, including PCBs. The Fine Point Blade Module cuts designs using cardstock, vinyl decals, and bonded fabric to create personalized papercraft, stickers, and labels. For those who aren’t good at drawing, the Automatic Drawing Module transforms hand-drawn artwork into professional creations according to the operator’s preset parameters and desired effect, like illustration or sketching.

Newbie-Friendly Software for Easy Use

Looking for a software that can handle intricate projects with precision and detail? Look no further than the LaserCreate PC software! It’s built with multiple languages in mind and supports a variety of vector graphic formats such as DXF, SVG, JPG, PNG, BMP, and NC. Plus, the best part is you can enjoy free updates for life with LaserCreate!

“Ultimately, the Davcarve L1 is a high-performance powerhouse of a laser engraver and cutter that functions with precision and reliability,” added BEAVERLAB’s rep. “If you’re thinking of donating to a Kickstarter, we’d love to have your support in bringing this amazing machine to the masses, making it easier than ever for creators of all abilities to realize their visions.”

Join BEAVERLAB in revolutionizing the future of creation by contributing to the Kickstarter campaign for the Davcarve L1.


BEAVERLAB is a leading innovator in the laser engraver & cutter industry. We focus on the research and development of creative technology products, advocating the integration of technology and creativity to turn everyone’ s creative inspiration into reality. Find more information about BEAVERLAB at


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