Civitatis reaches one million reservations from Mexican travellers

Civitatis reaches one million reservations from Mexican travellers

Civitatis, the leading platform in online distribution of guided tours, activities, and excursions in Spanish language across 160 countries worldwide, this week the company has reached one million reservations from Mexican users, with 94% of those travelling abroad outside Mexico.

During its participation in the 48th edition of the Tianguis Turístico in Acapulco taking place in Mexico, Civitatis took the opportunity to announce its exponential growth in the country and the desire of Mexican travellers to explore countries outside the country.

In terms of countries that Mexicans are visiting, Spain holds the first position, followed by Italy, France, and the United Kingdom and the USA. This ranking indicates the trend of Mexicans travelling towards Europe and the USA, which is ahead of other LATAM destinations such as Colombia or Peru.

Meanwhile, the top favourite outbound cities for Mexicans are Paris, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, and London, with most reservations concentrated in those cities.

Breaking down further the one million reservations from Mexicans, 28 percent made a reservation as a couple, while 17.8 percent were solo travellers. In the case of families, 14.8 percent enjoyed an experience with older children and 5 percent with younger children. Additionally, 14 percent were groups of friends.

Juan Rosselló, Country Manager of Civitatis Mexico and Business Development USA and Central America, said, “Today, we celebrate with great joy that one million Mexican travellers have enriched their journeys by enjoying over 89,000 different activities worldwide on our Civitatis platform. Mexico is a flagship market for Civitatis, not only in Latin America but globally, and shows the value of Mexico as a source market for international travel.

“Spanish, the second most spoken native language globally, boasts 600 million speakers worldwide, making it the second most widely-spoken native language globally, behind Mandarin and ahead of English, with Mexico leading the pack with 113 million natives. In 2023 alone, Mexico saw a staggering 46 million departures, underscoring the immense influence of the Spanish-speaking market, particularly the Mexican segment, in global travel.”

“Therefore we saw a gap in the market, our focus has always been on curating Spanish language experiences for Spanish speaking travellers wherever they live in the world – but with particular focus of course on Latin American, Spain, and more recently hispanic US residents and citizens.

“At Civitatis, we carefully curate each of the experiences we offer and only select the best from each market – in some cases working with only one operator for a particular experience – so our customers can be sure they will enjoy something of very high quality. We understand that time is precious, so we are very clear that selecting the best activities for our travelers is a crucial part of our added value: we provide them with the best tour in the destination and in their own language, so they can just focus on enjoying the journey.”


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