CJ Foods Launched Halal Korean Mandu and Hoppang in Malaysia

CJ Foods Launched Halal Korean Mandu and Hoppang in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, MalaysiaFeb. 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — CJ Foods, a business unit of South Korea-based CheilJedang, said it has launched the first halal bibigo Mandu products. The company plans to introduce the taste of Korean Mandu, which holds the No. 1 market share in Korea, the U.S., and Vietnam, to Malaysian consumers.

The new products are three flavors of CJ’s first-ever JAKIM-certified halal Mandu (chicken, Korean spicy chicken, and beef bulgogi) and two flavors of Hoppang (japchae and Korean spicy chicken). Mandu is Korean-wrapped food stuffed with various ingredients such as meat and vegetables. It is different from Chinese dumplings or Japanese gyoza in that it has thin and crispy flour skin with juicy stuffing. Hoppang is a popular Korean snack with vegetable or meat stuffing inside steamed bread. The snack is getting global popularity as it is frequently featured in Korean dramas. CJ’s new products catered to the taste of Malaysian consumers by stuffing with chicken and offering strong spicy and sweet flavors. They will start selling at CU convenience stores in Kuala Lumpur and expand listings to mainstream retailers within the first half of this year.

“We are thrilled to launch the first halal Mandu and share the taste of Korean cuisine with Malaysian consumers,” said Wayne Wang, head of CJ Foods Malaysia. “Starting with Mandu and Hoppang, we will continue to introduce a variety of our quality bibigo Korean food products.”

CJ CheilJedang, the parent company of CJ Foods, has been operating a plant in Kerteh, Malaysia since 2015 to manufacture advanced feed-grade amino acids such as L-methionine. The plant employs about 500 people, and amino acids produced here are exported to the global market including Europe and China.

About bibigo

Launched in 2010, bibigo is a global Korean food brand of CJ Foods. Aiming to enrich today’s busy and demanding life, bibigo delivers K-food and culture to dinner tables worldwide under the new slogan “bibigo, live delicious.” To bibigo, warm and delicious food is not just a meal, but a way to make life taste better. With its high-quality food products rooted in Korean passion, bibigo helps consumers make the most out of every moment.

The brand line-up includes a full assortment of snacks, appetizers and meal items. bibigo products are sold across around 70 countries globally, and the brand’s signature item “Mandu” is sold in around 50,000 stores across 6 continents. Inspired by authentic recipes, bibigo makes the tastes of Korean cuisine accessible with popular offerings in most major grocery chains.

For more information, visit http://www.bibigo.com/en/at-home

About CJ Foods

CJ Foods, a business unit of CJ CheilJedang, is a global food company delivering a variety of products ranging from foodstuffs and frozen/chilled foods to appetisers. As the largest food company in Korea with global sales of 11.1 trillion KRW in 2022, CJ Foods is now leading the globalization of Korean food with its fast-growing bibigo brand. Under bibigo, it offers seven delicious Global Strategic Products of K-food, including Mandu (Korean-style dumpling), chicken, processed rice, Korean sauce, Kimchi, Gim (seaweed), and roll to global consumers. The company operates over 60 sites in multiple regions worldwide including South Korea, the U.S. (Schwan’s Company), ChinaJapanSoutheast AsiaEurope, and Oceania.

For more information, visit https://www.cj.co.kr/en/about/business/food


Source: CJ Cheiljedang
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