Code of Ethics for Malaysian Journalists launched

Code of Ethics for Malaysian Journalists launched

By — Ramani Parkunan

PUTRAJAYA  – The Minister of Communications, Fahmi Fadzil today launched the Malaysian Code of Ethics for Journalists which will become a guideline for media agencies thus raising the dignity of the media as a source of news and information trusted by the people.

This Ministry of Communications (KK) initiative is implemented through the Malaysian Information Department (JaPen).

This code of ethics is also used as a reference source for the management of JaPen’s Media Credential Card (KPM).

KPM is an identity document for media practitioners from media agencies certified by the government to facilitate coverage of official events.

The Ethics of Malaysian Journalism published by the Malaysian Press Institute (MPI) in 1989 became JaPen’s main reference for the previous management of KPM JaPen.

Along with the evolution of the media industry, the ethical code is updated and becomes a guide for all KPM JaPen holders in carrying out their duties to support the formation of an informed society.

The new Malaysian Code of Ethics for Journalists consists of eight main ethics which are:

  1. Journalists are responsible for being the voice of plural society;
  2. Journalists must be transparent and have integrity;
  3. Journalists are encouraged to be fair in conveying information;
  4. The news is not influenced by personal interests;
  5. Validity and validity of information;
  6. Journalists need to respect the privacy and confidentiality of sources;
  7. Journalists need to understand the laws, acts and policies related to the scope of their duties; and
  8. Journalists need to give priority to improving their journalistic skills continuously.

The preparation of the Code of Ethics for Malaysian Journalists also involved the Faculty of Communication, Universiti Sains Malaysia and the Center for Media and Communication Studies, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Also present was the Chief Secretary of Communication Ministry, Datuk Mohamad Fauzi bin Md Isa and Director General of Information, Dato’ Mohd Sukari bin Ab Hamid.




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