Domestic Tourism Ramps Up Over 22 Million In Selangor For 2022

Domestic Tourism Ramps Up Over 22 Million In Selangor For 2022

Selangor Consistently Takes the Lead for Domestic Tourism with the Highest Visitors Inflow in Malaysia for 2022

SELANGOR, 28 June 2023 – The state of Selangor has taken the lead for domestic tourism and has been announced as the most visited state for 2022, with over 22 million visitors visiting Selangor. This has put Selangor above a few other states recorded, leaving Kuala Lumpur with 16.9 million, Sarawak with 15.5 million, Perak with 14.6 million and Pahang with 13.2 million.

Domestic tourism in Selangor has made an astounding achievement by consistently taking the lead in the tourism industry, with 38.9% of domestic tourism total spending being contributed by the shopping activities in Selangor. Tourism is one of the largest industries in Malaysia, contributing RM 197.9 billion to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2021. With Selangor taking the lead since the pandemic, the State managed to increase domestic tourists by 33.4% in 2022.

The state of Selangor provides a wide range of segmentation such as gastronomy, cyclotourism, agro-tourism and eco-tourism. As the state’s official tourism promotion agency, Tourism Selangor has driven the state’s tourism sector with a well-rounded execution through its domestic tourism promotional campaign, “Nak Bercuti? Pusing Selangor Dulu!”. This includes partnerships with tourism industry players such as hotel operators, tourism agencies, airlines, educational institutions and retail industries.

It is anticipated that the state of Selangor will remain consistent in attracting tourists to Selangor, with the state managed to increase its tourist arrival by 15.3% for the first quarter of 2023, targeting an increase of 5.04 million tourists visiting Selangor domestically and globally by the end of 2023.

About Tourism Selangor
Tourism Selangor is Selangor State’s Official Tourism Promotion Agency established to increase the number of local and international tourists to Selangor by enhancing and developing the known as well as the undiscovered beauty of the State.

Spanning over nine districts, including Petaling, Gombak, Klang, Sepang, Hulu Langat, Sabak Bernam, Kuala Selangor, Kuala Langat and Hulu Selangor, the area is known as an extraordinary holiday and event destination.

Many initiatives are taken to achieve this, such as organising local and international campaigns, events, overseas tourism trade missions, local roadshows and many more.


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