European Film Festival returns, this time with Kuching comeback

European Film Festival returns, this time with Kuching comeback

24th edition to feature 18 movies from 15 countries

PETALING JAYA – The 24th European Film Festival (EUFF) is set to open on October 10, with a range of contemporary European movies. With Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) in Mid Valley being the main location, the festival, featuring 18 movies from 15 countries, will also take place at four other outlets including in Kuching, Sarawak.

The festival will kick off with Goya in Bordeaux (Spain) in Mid Valley. The festival will take place until October 22 in the Klang Valley (Mid Valley, MyTown and 1Utama). It will then move to Gurney Plaza Penang from October 26-November 1 and CityOne Megamall in Kuching from November 2 to November 5.

This follows the festival’s 4-year hiatus from Sarawak.

At the press briefing for the festival, the European Union ambassador to Malaysia Michalis Rokas said the EUFF, arguably the oldest and longest running foreign film festival in Malaysia, had grown into a cultural institution that connected people from all walks of life.

“It is a platform for member states and partners within the continent such as Ukraine, Norway and Switzerland to showcase our legacy, passion and expertise in film making to Malaysia and the world.

“Our rich tapestry of cultures, history, philosophy and landscapes are in full display during this event that Malaysia has played host to yearly since 1999,” Rokas said.

“The EU is celebrating our 20th anniversary in Malaysia, and, in line with our spirit of togetherness and shared prosperity, we are glad to extend this additional venue as a mark of friendship and respect to Malaysia as a whole instead of just focusing on the Klang Valley and Peninsular Malaysia,” he added on Kuching being included as a venue.

Spain’s ambassador to Malaysia José Luis Pardo Cuerdo said his mission picked Goya in Bordeaux to launch the festival, as the nation is celebrating Pablo Picasso and his contributions to the world, in tandem with the 50th anniversary of his death.

Picasso, one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, drew inspiration from Francisco José de Goya y Luciente. The Goya and Disasters of War series also served as a crucial inspiration for Picasso’s perspective on humanity’s inherent brutality.

Written and directed by Carlos Saura, Cuerdo said the movie explores the experiences and artistic evolution of Goya, who is considered one of the greatest painters and printmakers of the modern age.

An exposition on Goya’s transformation as a man, as well as on his work and private obsessions, the film is set against the backdrop of the final months before his death.

Deputy head of mission for Italy Clara Cualbu said that the embassy curated the movie Parents vs Influencers directed by Michela Andreozzi for its commentary on raising teenagers in modern day.

“The film deals with the struggles of a middle-aged philosophy professor, who grapples with his daughter’s social media obsession and the differences between his generation and hers.”

Other movies to be screened for free are The Restless (Belgium), Neither With You (Hungary), 100 Years of Ulysses (Ireland), We Still Talk (Italy), Brothers (Netherlands), Operation Arctic (Norway), Ramona (Spain), Imad’s Childhood (Sweden) and Mr Jones (Ukraine).

Moviegoers can redeem free tickets, packaged with a RM4 purchase of mineral water per ticket via e-payment on the GSC website. This feature is also available on their application and ticketing kiosks at participating cinemas.

The 24th EUFF is organised by the delegation of the European Union to Malaysia, in collaboration with embassies and cultural institutions of EU member states as well as Ukraine, Switzerland and Norway.

For paid movies, tickets would be sold at RM10 from noon onwards on October 9.

Visit or for more details on the movies and their screening schedules.

– The Vibes, Octoberober 2, 2023

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