Expedia Data Reveals The Northern Lights Are The Most Sought-After Experience Of 2024

Expedia Data Reveals The Northern Lights Are The Most Sought-After Experience Of 2024

This year’s hotspots are looking a whole lot cooler with the rise of Northern Lights tourism, spurred by reports that the astronomical phenomenon will be extraordinarily visible in 2024. According to a survey commissioned by Expedia®, nearly half (42%) of Americans will prioritize aurora chasing in the year ahead over other bucket list experiences.

Traveling to see the Northern Lights is more in-demand than a visit to Egypt’s pyramids (36%) or a walk along the Great Wall of China (33%). Expedia searches are skyrocketing for winter trips to Northern Lights “capitals” like Lapland in Finland (+370%), Canada’s Churchill (110%) and Alta in Norway (+100%).

To help travelers plan, Expedia has released a Northern Lights Insider Guide packed with insights on trending destinations, booking hacks, photography tips and ideal itineraries.

Expedia’s Northern Lights Insider Guide helps travelers plan their trip.

“Planning your Northern Lights adventure might feel like navigating uncharted territory, but we’ve made it easy for travelers to make this trip a reality,” said Melanie Fish, head of Expedia Group Brands public relations. “From Canada to Norway, the free guide shows where to stay for under $160 a night or how to bundle a whole trip together for under $1,500. There’s even a photography guide to make sure you know how to capture the memory.”

Get the Northern Lights Insider Guide ( https://www.expedia.com/newsroom/northern-lights/ ) on the Expedia Newsroom, and visit the Expedia Magazine for in-depth, shoppable travel guides for six iconic Northern Lights destinations including Yellowknife, Tromsø, Finnish Lapland, Churchill, Reykjavik and Fairbanks.


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