Fiji To Increase Tourism Industry Earnings

Fiji To Increase Tourism Industry Earnings

SUVA, Sept 29 (NNN-PINA) – Fiji will have a three billion-Fijian-dollar (around 1.3 billion-U.S. dollar) tourism economy by Dec, Tourism Fiji CEO, Brent Hill, said, during a seminar at the Reserve Bank of Fiji.

Hill said, an average visitor spend around 3,572 Fijian dollars (around 1,556 dollars), so when that is combined with visitor range, the tourism price output is at 2.1 billion Fijian dollars, and if this continues at the current rate, it is on track for 3.2 billion Fijian dollars, reported Fijivillage news website, yesterday.

He said, Fiji’s visitor arrivals are on track for around 903,000 and occupancy is somewhere between 80 percent and 90 percent.


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