FITUR 2024 positions itself as the leading trade fair for the tourism sector

FITUR 2024 positions itself as the leading trade fair for the tourism sector

Organised by IFEMA MADRID, the 44th edition of FITUR is set to take place from 24 to 28 January 2024 at Madrid’s trade fair centre. According to FITUR’s director, María Valcarce, the outlook for the next edition is looking bright and everything points to the trade fair expanding to occupy more than 140,000 m2 of space across 9 halls, bringing together more than 9,000 companies and over 150,000 professional visitors from the world tourism industry from 145 countries. It is also estimated that around 100,000 people will visit FITUR over the weekend. Figures that already placed FITUR at the forefront of the major international tourism fairs at the last edition.

According to the Chairman of IFEMA’s Executive Committee, Jose Vicente de los Mozos “we are immensely proud of FITUR’s world leadership. It is the only tourism fair that ran uninterrupted during the pandemic, surpassing every other major event on the international circuit, in terms of participation”.

The historic connection between Spain and the UK has boosted tourism between the two countries over the years. Despite recent challenges, more than 15 million British tourists chose Spain as their destination in 2022 (+251.3% over the previous year). This steady flow of visitors reflects Spain’s resilience and continued attraction to the British tourist market.

Against this backdrop of strong tourism relations, the presence of the UK tourism sectors at FITUR is essential. The trade fair not only acts as a shop window for innovations and trends in the sector, but also fosters strategic alliances and commercial collaborations that further strengthen the links between Spain and this important tourism market.

Ecuador to be FITUR 2024 Partner Country

Ecuador has presented its attractive proposal as a ‘FITUR 2024 Partner Country’ at IFEMA. The connection between Spain and Ecuador remains strong, with almost 75,000 visitors per year up to 2023, and Ecuador’s Minister of Tourism, Niels Olsen, stated that “FITUR 2024 offers a golden opportunity to show the world all the wonders that Ecuador has to offer”.


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