FPF launches Cybersecurity and Privacy expert group, bringing together top leaders for advisory committee

FPF launches Cybersecurity and Privacy expert group, bringing together top leaders for advisory committee

As the world becomes more ingrained and dependent on digital systems, the need to explore the challenges posed by emerging technologies and develop ethical norms and workable best practices grows.

FPF launched its Privacy and Cybersecurity Expert Group and announced the Inaugural Advisory Committee to lead FPF’s exploration of the intersection of privacy and security.

Comprised of FPF’s Advisory Board members, the Privacy & Cybersecurity Expert Group will examine the overlap between data privacy and cybersecurity and how different global laws and policy regimes tackle that overlap.

The working group will also provide space for privacy and cybersecurity experts to work together, ultimately facilitating the opportunity to elevate practices and approaches.

“Often, privacy and cybersecurity are mistaken as separate, and sometimes even competing, motivators,” said Amie Stepanovich, Vice President for U.S. Policy at FPF, who leads the working group.

“However, both cybersecurity and privacy experts deal with large amounts of personal information. Our work to convene the Expert Group, and with the advice of our Inaugural Advisory Committee of innovative thinkers, provides an invaluable opportunity for a wide variety of experts to work together and become powerful allies moving toward the common interest of crafting norms and protections for society at large.”

The Inaugural Advisory Committee consists of top cyber and privacy executives at industry-leading companies and representatives from civil society and academia.

Advisory committee members include:

  • Emily Hancock, Cloudflare
  • Stephenie Handler, Gibson Dunn (Chair)
  • David Hoffman, Duke University, Sanford School of Public Policy
  • Anitha Ibrahim, Amazon Web Services
  • Andy Serwin, DLA Piper
  • Chad Sniffen, National Network to End Domestic Violence
  • Melanie Tiano, T-Mobile
  • Heng Xu, American University

To join FPF’s Privacy & Cybersecurity Expert Working Group as an FPF member, please email [email protected]


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#This press release was first published on the Future of Privacy Forum website. 

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