HUALUXE Hotels and Resorts and Jingting Bai Offer Immersive Chinese Cultural Experience

HUALUXE Hotels and Resorts and Jingting Bai Offer Immersive Chinese Cultural Experience

HUALUXE Hotels and Resorts, joined by brand ambassador Jingting Bai and three esteemed cultural heritage practitioners, recently came together at HUALUXE Beijing Xinan for a captivating brand experience event, “Embracing Chinese Culture with HUALUXE”. Seamlessly merging Chinese intangible heritage traditional crafts like tie-dye, shadow puppetry, and Kingfisher feather art with modern dance, the event offered guests a vibrant sensory immersion into Chinese culture and aesthetics. This year, remaining steadfast in its philosophy, all HUALUXE properties continue to infuse Chinese elegance with cultural heritage experiences, ensuring that the essence of China’s rich cultural heritage is intricately woven into every HUALUXE stay.

Over the last decade, HUALUXE Hotels and Resorts has made consistent strides in strengthening its foothold within the Chinese market. Through astute insights and an in-depth comprehension of market dynamics and consumer preferences, the company has transitioned from ‘HUALUXE Gatherings’ to the ‘Eight Refined Cultural Activities.’ These encompass tea ceremonies, chess matches, musical performances, gardening, savoring the sound of rain, calligraphy, and literary pursuits. HUALUXE hotels go beyond the realm of mere accommodation; they provide cultural heritage and curated experiences, imparting local traditional customs to guests through a diverse array of experiences that reflect the essence of Chinese culture.

Cultural Heart – One Stay, One Heritage

Chinese culture, profound and vast, finds vivid continuity in its intangible cultural heritage. Reflecting this diversity, each HUALUXE hotel integrates the unique cultural heritage from its local area into the initial design, lending a distinctive aesthetic to every hotel and across each aspect of the guest experience. It serves as a unique regional representation, embodying HUALUXE’s proud “One Stay, One Heritage” philosophy. At every HUALUXE property, guests can participate in activities that preserve traditional culture, allowing them to experience the unique allure of a life infused with Chinese aesthetics.

Appreciate Elegance with HUALUXE, and Embrace Chinese Tradition

The ‘Embracing Chinese Culture with HUALUXE’ experiential brand event gathered cultural pillars from various regions nationwide to offer guests a diverse artistic journey uniquely designed to begin a lifelong journey into the vast world of Chinese aesthetics and cultural heritage.

‘Yi Xun: Explore Elegant Gatherings’ effortlessly captured the essence of HUALUXE’s Chinese style through exclusive moments within the HUALUXE elegant gathering. “Yi Gan: Experience Intangible Heritage” carefully crafted a space dedicated to traditional art practices, led by expert heritage practitioners. Guests also experienced the resident heritage projects near HUALUXE Beijing Xinan, immersing themselves in the cultural significance of “One Stay, One Heritage.” In ‘Yi Cheng: Inherit Elegant Gathering Culture,’ guests deep-dived into discussions with three expert heritage practitioners. Guests spoke with Mr. Yang Chengjian, a sixth-generation Miao wax-dyeing expert who narrated the role tie-dyeing plays in Miao life and the connection and stories between different tie-dye patterns and Miao customs. They could also step into another cultural world with Mr. Wang Shaosen, a fourth-generation shadow puppeteer in Liaonan, who shared shadow puppetry’s past and present and conveyed his captivating personal story. To explore the Kingfisher feather art, an ancient technique for decorating metalwork objects, guests heard from Mr. Sun Weifeng. He shared his history of developing his skills and showcased his exquisite craftsmanship, recreating that unique splash of color through a hands-on experience with guests.

HUALUXE Hotels and Resorts emphasizes preserving and protecting traditional craftsmanship through dedicated learning and hands-on experiences; principles aligning seamlessly with traditional Chinese culture. Each hotel integrates these values into its unique design and services, committed to passing on this precious cultural heritage to guests. From tie-dyeing, shadow puppetry, and Kingfisher feather art to modern dance, guests enjoyed an immersive Chinese aesthetic and sensory experience. Captivating guest experiences like these underscore HUALUXE’s commitment to preserving and passing on Chinese cultural heritage.

Jingting Bai, Brand Ambassador of HUALUXE Hotels and Resorts, expressed, “I am delighted to gather with everyone at HUALUXE and serve as the brand ambassador. It is a great honor to personally experience the charm of HUALUXE Hotels’ ‘One Stay, One Heritage’ mission. It is both a cultural experience and an immersive journey into the rich history behind this beautiful aesthetics. Join me in exploring the essence of Chinese art and culture, and experience it firsthand at HUALUXE.”

Florence Hu, Chief Marketing Officer, IHG Greater China, said, ” As a hotel brand crafted specifically for Chinese guests and enthusiasts of Chinese culture, HUALUXE remains committed to its core mission of promoting traditional Chinese culture. From the ‘Art of Chinese Hospitality’ to the ‘ Elegance of Chinese Aesthetics’, HUALUXE is no longer just a hotel brand but a dedicated creator of an aesthetic space that combines traditional Chinese culture with modern expressions for guests. Through authentic experiences, every guest can deeply feel the unique charm of Chinese culture. We are also delighted to reunite with brand ambassador Jingting Bai at HUALUXE, and through our immersive ‘One Stay, One Heritage’ journey, we aim to present a fresh interpretation of Chinese intangible cultural heritage for the modern era.”

Preserving Origins and Cultivating Deep Roots in China

HUALUXE Hotels and Resorts currently offers a totally of 19 operating hotels and 23 hotels under construction in the Greater China. This includes the recently unveiled HUALUXE Sanya Yalong Bay Resort, as well as upcoming openings such as the HUALUXE Nanjing Yuhua, HUALUXE Guiyang Financial City, and HUALUXE Hotel in Jingji, Baoan, Shenzhen. In the future, HUALUXE will continue its steady development centered around Chinese culture. It aims to provide guests with more in-depth cultural experiences and memorable moments in more destinations, creating an immersive lifestyle rooted in Chinese aesthetics.


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